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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been on the market for just over a year now. However, it’s a testament to the brilliance of this phone that it’s still one of the most widely used Android devices around. With a phenomenal screen and loads of features, many people see the Galaxy Note 9 as a more affordable option than the Note 10.

In fact, if we take a look at some of the best deals around right now, you’ll notice there are some exceptional plans to consider. You can pick up a brand new Note 9 for as little as £42 a month with absolutely no upfront costs whatsoever. There are also plenty of great cashback deals available and lots of hefty data allowances on offer.

So, if you’re keen to get your hands on one of the best Samsung phones of all time, then here are some of the best deals right now:

Best Data Option: EE 125GB Data £46 p/m No Upfront Cost – MetroFone

If you need lots of data, then this is probably the best option for you. 125GB is almost classed as unlimited, and you get it on the fastest network in the country – EE. With zero upfront costs and £46 per month, this is a crazy deal to take advantage of.

You receive unlimited minutes and texts as well, along with access to free trials for BT Sport and Apple Music as EE customers. The beauty of this deal is that you get £228 in cashback throughout your contract as well. This is what allows for such a low monthly cost and no upfront fees. In total, you’re paying £876 for this amazing phone that’s packed full of data to stream your favourite tv shows, films, and music.

Cheapest Overall Contract: EE 4GB Data £23 p/m £237.99 Upfront Cost – MetroFone

Another option from EE, and this is the most affordable Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal you will find. Yes, the upfront costs are quite steep, but they allow for extremely cheap monthly payments that are so easy to manage.

4GB of data isn’t a lot, but if you’re around wifi all the time, then you’ll be surprised at how far you can make those two gigabytes last. This comes with unlimited texts and minutes as well, and you also enjoy the free BT Sport and Apple Music trials.

If you can afford the £241.99 upfront, then it’s well worth it as the total cost is just £789.99. It’s worth noting that this is an exclusive deal for the blue version of the Note 9. If you want the black one, then you’ll have to pay slightly more and get a bit less data.

Cheapest Option With No Upfront Cost: EE 60GB Data £44 p/m – Fonehouse

If you don’t want to make any upfront payments, then this is the most affordable option for you. Surprisingly, you get an incredible 60GB of data on your contract. That’s more than enough for regular streaming and browsing every single day. Combined with unlimited texts and minutes – along with the usual EE free trials, and you’ve got yourself a phenomenal deal!

£44 per month is more than reasonable for a plan like this, and it’s possible thanks to the £204 cashback you get from Fonehouse. In total, you’re paying £852 for the phone. So, a brilliant option for people that need lots of data and don’t want any upfront costs.

A Well-Rounded Option: Vodafone 22GB Data £30 p/m £176.99 Upfront Cost – Fonehouse

22GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes make this a very well-rounded offer. There’s plenty of data for pretty regular internet usage, and the upfront cost isn’t too much. The best thing about this is that you have a £30 a month charge that’s very easy for you to manage and budget.

So, this is probably one of the best budget options for people that need a fair amount of mobile data and are willing to pay some money upfront.

Cheapest Unlimited Data Option: Vodafone Unlimited Data £46 p/m No Upfront Cost – Fonehouse

Lastly, if data is your absolute top priority and you can’t risk running out, then this is your best choice. With unlimited data, texts, and minutes, you never have to worry about incurring additional charges on your contract!

A £46 monthly cost – combined with zero upfront fees – makes this an absolute steal of a deal. It’s only possible by ordering through Fonehouse as you can claim £204 cashback.

On that note, you’ve seen the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals in 2020 so far. If you’re looking for a new Android phone – and feel like the Note 10 is far too expensive – then these deals are perfect for you.

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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