The Bluboo S3 is like a Galaxy S9 with an 8300mAh battery (Promoted)

With CES behind us and Mobile World Congress coming in the next few weeks, it’s time to start talking about big flagship phones. Well, it’s not like we ever really stop talking about them; however, this is the time of year where the rumors become reality.

One handset that’s going to get a majority of the coverage and interest over the next year is the Samsung Galaxy S9. And, why not? It’s the flagship experience from one of the most popular OEMs on the planet.

Typically the benchmark for where phones will be in the coming year, the Galaxy models offer the best in hardware. But, for all of the groundbreaking stuff that comes with the big Samsung release, it’s not always the first devices to offer features.

A number of Chinese phone makers have been keeping pace with, and often beating, the stuff from Samsung, LG, and others. One such company, Bluboo, typically introduces specs and details that later make their way to more popular brands — and cheaper.

Bluboo’s next major release, the S3, figures to offer a Samsung Galaxy S9-like experience but with a much, much bigger battery. Indeed, we’re reportedly looking at a potential 8300mAh power supply. At around three times larger of the Samsung model, the Bluboo battery can charge fully in 2.5 hours.

We’ve not heard of all of the specs yet, but we’re pretty confident that the Bluboo S3 will go toe-to-toe with whatever the big name brands. We do know, though, that it will be offered in midnight dark and champagne gold.

In looking at the pictures, we see a design that looks very similar to what’s coming down the road from Samsung. The Bluboo S3 figures to have a screen that takes up around 90 percent of the front of the phone. It’s almost all display, save for the camera at the top. The rear looks to house the fingerprint reader and a vertical dual-camera setup.

Look for more information to roll out in the coming weeks. We should likely know just about everything about the device before Samsung takes the stage in February.

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