Bluboo S3 shows up for a killer performance in grueling battery test (Promoted)

The Bluboo S3 is another attempt by a Chinese manufacturer to solve the age-long problem that stateside OEMs seem to have no interest in solving – battery life. The S3 looks to bring guaranteed day-long (hell, even two-day-long) battery life to your fingertips with an 8,500mAh battery. To show off just how much juice the S3 has under the hood, Bluboo released a new video.

The test is comprised of a few different common battery-draining situations. It begins with the Bluboo S3 streaming music for a full hour – which when streaming via Bluetooth isn’t all that demanding, but using the phone’s speakers certainly can be. An hour of 1080p video playback followed, then a half hour of video recording, a half hour of live text chat, and finally an hour of mobile gaming with PUBG Mobile. In all, the S3 went through four hours of heavy usage.

All this usage dropped the battery pretty substantially – to 84%. That’s it; just a 16% loss. Basic math lets us extrapolate that to about 25 hours of massive use. Now, I’d assume that 20 hours is a bit more realistic but in light-to-normal usage that could be three days or more. Additionally, the S3 supports 12V/2A charging – meaning it’s quick to charge as well as slow to discharge.

Bluboo S3 – not just a big battery

Battery aside, the Bluboo S3 looks to have a pretty decent specification sheet: a 6″ display with 18:9 aspect ratio, 4/64GB RAM/ROM, an octa-core processor, and a 21/5MP dual sensor rear shooter. The Bluboo S3 can be pre-ordered on TomTop now for $149.99, a whopping $50 lower than its expected MSRP.

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