BLUBOO’s answer to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, the BLUBOO D5 Pro, is now available for just $99.99 on TOMTOP. It takes inspiration from the Mix 2’s design, which it felt demonstrated an exceptional use of screen-to-body ratio. To kick off the launch, BLUBOO posted an official review of the hardware, comparing and contrasting it with it’s inspiration.

While the two look similar – indistinguishable, in some aspects – there are a number of features under the hood that set the two apart. While both have an 18:9 display, the Mi Mix 2’s resolution is more higher (1080 x 2160) than the D5 Pro’s 640 x 1280.

Camera-wise, the D5 Pro adopts a 13.0MP Samsung sensor on the rear plate of the phone and an 8.0MP selfie camera. The Mi Mix 2’s cameras are 12.0MP and 5.0MP, respectively. As we all know, photography is largely a user-driven experience, but better hardware can sometimes make it easier – and BLUBOO appears to be investing in it.

When it comes to internal components, the Mi Mix 2 is clearly a stronger performer than the BLUBOO D5 Pro. Honestly, though that should be expected when you look at the price points of the two phones. At $99, the D5 Pro is an absolute bargain. The Mi Mix 2 retails for a minimum of $450, and has the specs to back that up. so while the D5 Pro is intended to look like the Mix 2, the two really aren’t in the same category of phones.

The BLUBOO D5 Pro is up for preorder now for $99.99. After the preorder period that price will go up to $129.99, so if you want to get in on a great discount, order now.

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