With the booming market of smart phones, new apps are being developed every day. Hence, the competition is incredibly tough. If you are on your way to making one, stop and ask yourself these questions first.

What app am I building?

Before building an app, you need to consider what kind of business it is for. It is important that you do a bit of research before you set work on. Browse through some similar apps to check out what cool new things which you can incorporate or the mistakes you should avoid. For example, if you are building a new app for your hotel, look at the apps of popular Amsterdam, New York or Las Vegas hotels to get some interesting ideas on how to crack the travel deals formula and make a platform, which is lure-worthy for the user to appear and reappear at.

Is the app for a new or existing business?

What kind of work you need to put into your app depends upon whether you are designing it for a new or an existing business. For a brand new business, you get an open canvas where you can choose everything from scratch. But if it is an existing business, you have to keep the image of the business in mind and build your app based on that.

What is my target group?

The target user is what should determine how you build your app. If school students are your primary users, keep is preppy and bright but that is not the best idea for app for a construction company. Moreover, if your app is going to be used by older people who are not yet very comfortable with newer technology, it is best to keep the it simple, with all the operations clearly mentioned.

Paid or free?

Unless you are building a niche app, chances of people buying a paid app are incredibly low. Hence you will not start making money unless you can build a strong clientele who will gladly pay for your app. It is a smart idea to build a free trial version which will help turn your free users into loyal customers.

What OS should I build my app for?

You need to choose which operating system you want to build your app for. Android and iOS are two different mediums with two extremely different sets of users. If your aim is to make money quickly, iOS is what you should choose. It is an excellent medium but it is also exclusive. So, if your app needs popularity, Android the best choice. It is the most popularly used platform worldwide. Earning well through an Android app might take some time, but the rewards it will reap eventually, is worth the wait.

Beta testing

You have to let your app go through stringent beta testing before launching it for the public. It is always a good idea to use your family and friends to test your app on but is that enough? It is wise to employ the services of a professional beta testing program for the best technical analysis.

Today’s market for apps is highly competitive and hence, you must stand out from the crowd. It is important to plan well to create an excellent and unique app which will not get lost.

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