There is no shying away from the sheer explosion of mobile technology trends. In fact, learning something new makes it to number 6 on the top 10 New Year’s resolution lists made each year. That means there are plenty of people open to change, and when it comes to app technology, you’ve got to be open to learning something new if you don’t want to miss out on great deals, especially when it comes to bidding on products on apps like DealDash.

This especially applies to tech companies and business owners, who should make it their resolution to learn something new in their niche, and also check out what the competition is doing with all the advances in the world of technology.

One particular topic that should be on every tech company’s radar is mobile, and especially the growth of Android apps. Since so many developers are going mobile, how can mobile apps grow your business, and find you some great deals?

2017 Is a Benchmark Year for Mobile Apps

This has definitely proven to be the year for mobile, and there are a number of reasons why. Not only is exciting, new technology steadily infiltrating the mobile sector, but the cost of adopting apps for businesses, and to bring unmissable deals to users, is well within Android user’s reach.

For many startup tech companies, mobile apps are a no-brainer in terms of development choice. But, to be successful, you need to pay attention to a number of important qualities. Overall, technology’s path of evolution has led us to a point where the most noteworthy developments seem to be the ones we download onto our smartphones. Conventional tech businesses are finding more and more new ways to offer their services and products in a minimal and more digestible form, while some focus solely on promoting their mobile offerings.

No matter which industry you may be in, you need to ensure that your Android app has a few particular qualities if you want it to garner downloads, get great reviews, and plenty of sharing among users who will continue to come back, for example, to bid on enticing deals:

  • It should be platform appropriate – apps need to be optimized for mobile users. They should take advantage of the natural qualities of a mobile device, and therefore ought to be compatible and functional across devices and brands.
  • Looks count – apps do need to look good. Even the best idea risks faltering if it is not fully branded, enticing, and just designed to encourage downloads.
  • Apps should be easy – apps should be easy and quick to install, easy to access, and just as simple to use.
  • Unique – as a tech company, you likely have tons of competition. Make sure your app isn’t a modified copy of another company’s model, but rather an idea that is unique enough to stand alone.
  • Memorable – users should always be left with a positive, and somewhat big, impression. That’s why successful apps use wording, design, and other interface techniques to ensure users don’t forget their experience, the way that DealDash has designed its Android app for users.
  • Apps need to be shareable – successful apps are those that are shared a great deal. Apps should offer rewards for users who share it with others.
  • Affordable – the cheaper an app is, the more users will download it. Some tech companies prefer to release both a free version and a full version for user convenience.
  • Spontaneous – it may seem strange, but apps should be accessible spontaneously. If the app is only good for longer, and more drawn-out sessions, it may bomb.
  • Fun user experience – one of the most important qualities of an app is how enjoyable it is.  It should entertain users, along with whatever its primary function is, such as DealDash’s convenient and easy-to-use auction and bidding capabilities.
  • Demographically targeted – you already know that you need to know who your target audience is, since not everyone around the world is going to want to use the app, so it is better focus on those users who will.

How DealDash Does It

Online auctions are by no means a new concept, but DealDash has changed things up with its Android app. It’s a fun, user-friendly app that’s enticing, shareable, and certainly memorable. By buying bids, users can participate in auctions with the chance to win some good deals. Users can purchase bids in different pack sizes. Bids start at 60c, so users can begin with a package of 60 bids at $36 to get going on the app. However, the app often offers bid sales where users can pick up deals at as little as 15c per bid.

All the items listed on the auction site are new and are offered along with manufacturer warranties, with many offers come from the auction site’s partners, Sears and Best Buy. Once users find something they like, they can start bidding, with each bid adding a penny to the final price. Every bid restarts a timer to 10 seconds so that other users can place their bids.

Once bids stop, the last person to bid wins the item at a discounted price, and the company offers free shipping. Here’s where DealDash’s spontaneous side comes in – the auctions tend to be unpredictable, so users never know when other users will stop bidding and the auction will close. Auctions can last anywhere from a few seconds to a number of days.

Since there’s only ever one bidder that wins an auction, bidders who lose out are given all their bids back if they chose to buy the item at its “Buy Now” price on the site.

There are many ingredients when it comes to the success of mobile apps, but with the 10 characteristics listed here, users are sure to enjoy and share DealDash as it continues to offer exciting products and good prices.

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