Doogee BL5000 offers massive battery and performance to rival flagships (Promoted)

In an era of increasingly bigger smartphones, one of the first design features to catch a buyer’s eye is the display. We’ve gone from thinking that the 4.3-inch HTC EVO was simply too wonky and cumbersome to consistently looking for 5-inch screens or larger.

It makes sense that we’d be drawn to a quality display; it’s what we look at for every action and operation. But, just because your phone has a large screen doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a large price tag. Indeed, there are plenty of devices that offer plenty of space without costing an arm and/or a leg.

The DOOGEE (Doogee) BL5000, is the latest smartphone from the Chinese handset maker and it’s a great example of a big, beautiful, and affordable screen experience. Now offered in as part of a pre-sale, the BL5000 also packs some pretty impressive hardware, too.

Powered by an octa-core processor, the Doogee is bolstered by 4GB RAM and features 64GB of internal storage. Moreover, it has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a capacious 5,050mAh battery. And, because of its design, it offered up 8 curved edges to feel and enjoy.

Let’s dig in a bit, though, and check out that display. Doogee’s phone comes with a 5.5-inch IPS screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. This means you’re getting a full high definition image and not the 1280 x 720 stuff you might expect in a lower-priced phone. Moreover, even when you zoom in on a picture or text, you’ll find the image to be clear and smooth.

As to why Doogee didn’t go with the 2K resolution that comes with many of today’s phones, it comes down to the fact that most people simply cannot discern the difference. Once you get to that point, many humans aren’t going to see the benefits. Another reason for sticking with HD is that it’s less power-hungry than going with something higher.

The BL5000 delivers a 650 nit brightness for the display, giving users a clear screen in all lighting conditions. Coming in higher and brighter than the OnePlus 5 (394 nits), it also bests the Xiaomi  Mi 6 (600 nits). It also beats out the iPhone 6 ( 550 nits) and comes close to the iPhone 7 (705 nits).

The adaptive brightness of the phone allows for the device to brighten and darken based on the environment. So, in lower light conditions it doesn’t kick into the full 650 nits, using only what’s needed to be seen.

Doogee is currently offering the BL5000 as part of a pre-sale registration period. Not only that, but it’s also looking to give away ten units of the new phone to those who subscribe. Enter your name and email today and you’re in the running for a free phone!

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