In the world we live in, we tend to take our mobile devices for granted these days. They sit in our pockets ready to provide us with access to the Internet, and all the different forms of entertainment that it holds. Something we tend to forget though to keep this portal safe, especially from the less trustworthy sites that are out there.

Thankfully though there are plenty of applications created for Android devices that protect them and our identity from the online dangers waiting for us online. We must use common sense of course, but here are a few more tip for how to stay safe:

Lock Your Screen

Have you ever lost your phone and ended up worrying about some stranger who could access all of your details held on it? If you are lucky, the people who find it will hand it in and you’ll be able to get it back in no time at all. If these are unscrupulous people though, they may put their nose in the phone and the details held inside. This is where a screen lock is invaluable.

Through the use of a pin number or password that only you know, you can lock your device to stop strangers from getting access. On the latest phones, even fingerprints and retina scans are being used to unlock them. The important thing is to put the screen lock on in the first place, and keep your phone fully secure.

Back-Up Your Data

Less of a safety feature, but more for peace of mind is the ability to back-up your phone. This should be done regularly so that if your phone was to break, you can easily get everything back when it is in working order, or a new phone has been bought.


Another tool to protect your data if you’ve lost your phone is encryption. This means that the data will be inaccessible to anybody but you because you hold the key to unlocking it. Just make sure you’ve set up a password that is strong enough not to be guessed, and only you can remember.

Safe Browsing

When you are searching the internet for information you want to know the pages you view are safe for your phone. This can be done by the use of apps that protect you from sites with bad reputations. One of these is known as Web of Trust (WOT) which lets you know how safe a site is, and can block dangerous ones from damaging your phone.

The Internet is everywhere these days, but so are the dangers. Be aware of them, and take action to protect yourself, and you and your devices will be safe.

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