Five reasons why Instagram is considered to be the best mobile phone app

Almost everyone from every age group is on the mobile phone app, Instagram, and it has become everyone’s favorite. Instagram is basically the Facebook of the younger generation and is popularly known as IG and Insta by youngsters. It was previously owned and created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom but now is owned by Facebook. You can share pictures, messages, go live and video call anyone you want.

So, what makes it any different from any of the instant messaging apps, or video calling apps that you have in the market today?

Instagram is a microblogging app and the user interface is extremely easy to understand.

Microblogging has become extremely popular and offers the users with a quick and easy method of blogging and sharing information. Instagram is visual and is heavily dependent on visual sharing of information and pictures. While Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are platforms where users share mostly written and lengthy posts and information, when it comes to Instagram, everything, literally everything is conveyed and shared with the help of aesthetic videos and photographs. This is one of the main reasons why people dig and love Instagram as a social media platform. Blogging on Instagram is done with the help of pictures and videos, and people love the whole concept of it. Many people prefer watching beautiful and aesthetic pictures and videos, and rather not read lengthy texts. They love the whole idea of how a picture and video has a story to tell.

Instagram allows users to experiment and up their photo game.

Instagram allows people to click so many different pictures with so many different filters, different ways to click pictures, take videos, so many effects, the options are limitless. The user interface is extremely easy to understand and people get to meet and know so many different things about things all around the world. Also, not only can you experiment with your photos and videos, there is no limit to how many photos and videos you can share on your feed. You can share as many photos and videos you want, and if the quality of your content is good, there will be tons of people wanting to follow you and imitate your style, which is actually good because there are many ways to monetize your talents as well.

Instagram promotes your feed, your business and even helps you have fun through stories and by going live.

So, for many who do not know this, Instagram was the first social media app to have introduced the whole concept of stories and later on, other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, copied this feature. The stories feature is actually great, because it also allows you to hide your stories from the people whom you do not want to see the story you do not want them to see and they would not even know about it, at least Instagram would not notify them that you have hidden your story from this particular individual. It also has another feature called close friends feature, and only those whom you add in the close friends list can see your story which you add under the close friends story. There is no restriction on that and people love this feature because many may have people who follow them and cannot do anything about it, it could be your annoying, overbearing colleague to your boss who follows you on your Instagram or even your family. You can be completely wild and yourself on Instagram, or more specifically on your close friends story. Coming to the promotion part, you can promote your posts by paying a certain amount of money everyday and Instagram will promote your post to the group of people you have chosen. This group of people can have a criterion of the age group, country, distance and the content they would like to see, broadening the reach of your business on Instagram to potential customers. It indirectly or directly increases your customer base and the more people who take actions against your content, like sharing it with their friends or family, or even liking it, the more people your content reaches to.

This is why Instagram is so famous and so likeable. It does not limit your options and gives you wings to fly and enjoy yourself, even if you are an entrepreneur or even a very private individual.

Instagram literally makes you feel as though you are a pro in your game, and does not limit you in doing whatever you want to do.

You do you, and that is exactly what Instagram believes in. If there are people who have a similar taste in content as yours, they will suggest your content to people very similar to what you like and what you post, and vice versa. Instagram helps you feel as though you are an expert in your feed and in what you do, and always helps you see the beauty in whatever you do. Every photograph you post, Instagram offers various options in which you cab customize your photo to be something totally and completely different, and better. It helps you make your photo a complete click bait worthy photo.

Instagram offers countless opportunities for you to go viral and a lot of users are active on Instagram.

Another reason why Instagram is so popular is that once you figure out the algorithm and use it to your benefit, you can go viral. There are chances that if your content and feed is good enough as well, you would go viral. Also, if you are starting a business or have a business that needs a marketing platform, Instagram is your best bet. Mainly because they are different kinds of users, and the age group of these users vary, but there are high chances that your content will be received by a wider range of audience on Instagram as compared to the rest of the social media platforms. Also, you can also shop on Instagram, and find various stores and brands around you. And usually, most of these stores on Instagram are cheaper and have better deals as compared to the other stores, and the quality of the product also is much better.

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