It’s more important than ever to keep your personal information safe. Businesses know this, which is why they hire companies like Reciprocity to manage regulatory burdens and digital security.

But, it isn’t just businesses that are at risk. We all are, especially since we carry so much of our personal information in our pockets.

You should spend plenty of time protecting your computer, but the time has come for us all to spend just as much time protecting our cell phones. After all, cell phones today really are computers in their own right.

Protect your phone and the information it contains by following these tips that are a must for all cell phone users.

Lock Your Phone

It should go without saying, and yet, so many people don’t lock their phones! It’s a quick and easy way to secure your information, and it only takes a second to enable.

By locking your phone so a passcode must be entered, you can ensure your personal information isn’t compromised if someone steals your phone or you accidentally leave it behind at the bar.

If you don’t like the idea of wasting your time manually unlocking your phone all the time, try:

  • A fingerprint reader
  • Unlocking your handset with your face
  • Keeping your phone unlocked when you’re at home

Make Sure You Know How to Wipe Your Phone Remotely

If your phone is picked up, having a lock screen will keep identity thieves at bay for a while, but a good hacker can still access your information. That’s why you should learn how to wipe your phone remotely.

There are different steps depending on whether you have an Android device or an Apple device, so make sure you look up the steps for your particular phone. In most cases, it can be done without the need for a third-party app, which means you can wipe your phone at any time.

Block Harmful Third-Party Apps

Dependable app stores, like the Google Play store, have protections that ensure you won’t accidentally download a malicious app. Even some third-party app stores, like Amazon, do a good job with this, but not all do. Not to mention, harmful websites may try and start an automatic download on your phone.

Make sure you don’t end up downloading an app that compromises your security by disabling the Unknown Sources setting on your Android phone. This option is also available on iPhones.

Install Antimalware Software

Antimalware on phones wasn’t a big deal just a few years ago, but it’s increasingly becoming more important. It is recommended that you download a program today because Android and iOS programs are increasingly becoming targets for malicious software. This tip is even more important if you’re using a mobile device for work.

Gone are the days when cell phones were only used to make phone calls and send text messages. Today, they function like mini computers, which means you have to treat them that way. These tips will help ensure your phone stays safe in today’s digitally connected world.

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