Free Fire is a battle royale multiplayer game with different characters and their unique abilities. Garena Free Fire has gained a lot of fame since its release in 2017 and became the most popular game with over 100M+ downloads. Players can download and play the game on android and iOS. They can also play Free Fire on PC by using an android emulator.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary has already begun, and it started with a blast. It is bringing lots of F2P events, including a new map, free characters, free characters trails, Blue Chips, Nine Different Chips, Exploration Missions, Milestones, etc. Later in this article, you will know about all of the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Events.

3rd Anniversary Events

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary event does not just bring the usual Anniversary stuff. It brings 13 new modes (which will be unlocked on Peak Day 23rd August 2020), Magic Fragments, Awakening Shards, 30,000 Diamonds, and a lot more.

Let’s get right to the events and stuff, some of it has already come, and some will come later because the Anniversary is going to last till 30th August 2020.

  1. Bermuda 2.0
  2. Hayato
  3. 13 New Modes
  4. Time Tunnel
  5. Exploration Missions
  6. Time Capsule
  7. Friend Callback
  8. Web Event
  9. Daily Log in
  10. Free Character
  11.  Extra Exp/Gold/Fragment

Bermuda 2.0

Garena introduced a new map in Free Fire known as Bermuda 2.0; it will be available in Clash Squad mode. During the period on Anniversary (13 August-30th August) players will have to play the new map, and at a specific time a new location will be opened to play, dates are as follows:

  • On 13th August, Academy Locations and Aden’s Creek has opened.
  • On 19 August, Nurek Dam Location has opened to play.
  • Samurai’s Garden Location will be opened on 22nd August.
  • Once the player completed the Milestone Time Tunnel, a new location will be opened.

Players can play the new map as much as they want to because it’s not a temporary map.


Hayato Fireband is back and will be available during the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary. The event has started on 19th August.

13 New Modes

Every Free Fire player is anxiously waiting for the Peak Day because it will be the most important day during the 3rd Anniversary with a lot of rewards and new modes (Maybe). Thirteen new modes will be unlocked during the 22nd-23rd Peak Day. Players can play all these new modes just during the Anniversary event.

Thirteen New Modes are as follows:

  • Big Head
  • Rush Hour
  • Gun King 2.0
  • Bomb Squad
  • Explosive Jump
  • Cold Steel
  • Night Hunter
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Kill Secured
  • Rampage 2.0
  • Rampage
  • Fully Charged
  • Spray and Pray

Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel event is not just about one player; it’s a Milestone event which will only complete when all the players around the world participate in it. Fun part if it will give each player a lot of free prizes.

Milestone Event will be unlocked on 23rd August 2020, but other events are already opened. Some significant prizes can include Slaughter Party MP40 Box, Hysterical Laugh, and Hand of Victors.

Other Prizes may include these:

  • Bounty Token and Summon Airdrop Playcard.
  • Armor Crate and Bounty Token Playcard.
  • Profile Picture and Wallpaper for 15 Days.
  • Resupply Map and Resupply Map Playcard for 15 Days.
  • Supply Crate and 100 Kelly Fragments.
  • 1x No Rank Drop Card and 100x FF Tokens.
  • Scan Playcard for 3 Days and Wallpaper for 15 Days.
  • Resupply Map and Bounty Token.
  • Summon Airdrop card and Resupply Map Playcard.
  • Bounty Token Playcard for 7 Days.
  • 100 Moco Fragments and Pet Food.
  • Armor Crate and SCAR Winter Warrior for 7 Days.
  • Leg Pockets and Bounty Token.
  • Summon Airdrop Playcard for 7 Days.
  • 100 Universal Fragments.
  • Double EXP and Gold Card.
  • 100x Elite Kelly Fragments.
  • Armor Crate and Bounty Token Playcard.

Exploration Missions

Hayato Line, Bermuda Line, Liberation Line, and Cibernatica Line are the four types of missions available in exploration missions.

Players have to send characters to exploring; upon completing the mission, they will be rewarded with a prize. You can send both permanent or trail character on missions, and you will also be able to use that character in matches.


  • Hayato Line: 48x Time Token and 2,500x Hayato Fragment.
  • Bermuda Line: 28x Time Token and 11,000 Gold.
  • Liberation Line: 26x Time Token, 4x Bounty Token, 4x Resupply Map, and 5x Pet Food.
  • Cibernatica Line: 26x Time Token and 1x Universal Fragment.

Time Capsule

Use Blue Chips to win random rewards. Rewards may include these:

  • Psycho Maniac Top, Bottom, Shoes, Makeup, and Head (Trial).
  • Jaws Maniac Mask.
  • Hysteric Maniac Backpack.
  • Weapon and Gold Royale Voucher.
  • And More.

Friend Callback

A chance to win 30,000 Diamonds by just inviting your friends to the game, both inviter and invitee will receive loot crates.

You can win up to 30,000 Diamonds from these loot crates:

  • Inviting One Friend will give you One Loot Crate.
  • Inviting Three Friends will give you Three Loot Crates.
  • Inviting Five Friends will give you Five Loot Crates.
  • Inviting Seven Friends will give you Seven Loot Crates.
  • Inviting Nine Friends will give you Nine Loot Crates.
  • Your Friends will also get Five Loot Crates by just logging in.

Web Event

Web Event has already started; it allows the players to choose rare items and collect nine different chips to claim those rare items.

  • Three Different Chips will allow you to claim 1 Surfboard.
  • Six Different Chips will allow you to claim 1 Backpack.
  • Nine Different Chips will allow you to claim 1 Bundle.

Daily Log in

Get a free trial card for your favorite character by just logging in:

  • Attacker
  • Charger
  • Scout

  • Attacker:
    • Hayato (7 Days)
    • Wolfrahh (7 Days)
    • Miguel (7 Days)
    • Laura (7 Days)
    • Rafael (7 Days)
    • Antonio (7 Days)
    • A124 (7 Days)
    • Shani (7 Days)
  • Charger:
    • Andrew (7 Days)
    • Joseph (7 Days)
    • Kelly (7 Days)
    • Kla (7 Days)
    • Jota (7 Days)
    • Wukong (7 Days)
    • Caroline (7 Days)
    • Nikita (7 Days)
    • Misha (7 Days)
  • Scout:
    • Moco (7 Days)
    • Capella (7 Days)
    • Alvaro (7 Days)
    • Paloma (7 Days)
    • Notora (7 Days)
    • Steffie (7 Days)
    • Maxim (7 Days)
    • Ford (7 Days)
    • Olivia (7 Days)

Free Characters

Log in on Peak Day (23rd August 2020) to win a Free Character (Permanent). You can choose only one character (Permanent) to join your battle against enemies:
Laura, Moco, Wukong, Joseph, Wolfrahh, Shani, Alvaro, Notora, Olivia, Steffie, Paloma, Rafael, Kla, Kelly, A124, Maxim, Antonio, etc.

Extra Exp/Gold/Fragment

During Peak Day (23rd August 2020), players can get more gold, exp, and fragments while playing.

 Bonus Point

There’s a rumor about getting a free Elite pass, is it true or not? Well, to answer this question, let me rephrase Garena from 2nd Anniversary in 2019 “What’s your wish for us this Anniversary (2019), Free Elite Pass, Free Weapon Skins, or Free Costumes?”

That’s what Garena said during the 2nd Anniversary in 2019; a lot of players are talking about this that everyone will get Free Elite Pass during the 3rd Anniversary, some are saying only some of the players will get Free Elite pass. Still, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, not from other servers or by Garena.

Giving a Free Elite Pass is awesome for F2P players; it will provide them with a chance to get a lot of free stuff and an opportunity to advance in-game.

LDPlayer Huge Event on Free Fire 3rd Anniversary

If you are interested in playing Free Fire on PC and in a bigger screen, better graphics, High FPS, easy and adjustable controls on Free Fire, then LDPlayer is the best emulator for Free Fire. LDPlayer emulator has all android games, including Free Fire, PUBG, Eve Echoes, Tom and Jerry, Marvel Strike Force, etc.

LDPlayer introduced a huge event on Free Fire 3rd Anniversary, providing its user a chance to win up to 11000 Diamonds, and the prize poll is 300k Diamonds.

You can win all about 22000 Diamonds by following these simple instructions:

  • Go to LDPlayer’s Facebook page and leave a comment with a screenshot of playing Free Fire in the LDPlayer emulator. (5500 Diamonds)
  • Engage in LDPlayer’s Reddit Community. (5500 Diamonds)
  • Make a YouTube video playing Free Fire on the LDPlayer emulator and post it on your channel. (11000 Diamonds)


You must have gotten a pretty sweet idea of all the events and what it brought and what it will bring. Peak day is the most amazing and surprising, mostly Peak day can bring a lot more and leave us stunned. Don’t forget to log in daily and participate in Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Events to win Free Character, Bundles, Backpack, Surfboard, and lots of great rewards.

Also, don’t forget to participate in LDPlayer’s Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event, you can win up to 11000 Diamonds, leave a comment on LDPlayer’s Facebook page about LDPlayer emulator if it’s the best emulator for Free Fire or not. Make sure to give LDPlayer a try while playing Free Fire on PC and let us know it really the best emulator for Free Fire.

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