With the advent of smart phones everything is available at the download of an app. There are some services which are even available exclusively via app. Rich apps do provide the best service but they also take up a lot of memory space and tend to slow down the phone. The market is flooding with phones which do not have an expandable memory and in this scenario, it becomes difficult to manage all the necessary apps and yet have enough space for pictures, messages etc. Moreover, if you are on a slow speed Internet plan or travelling somewhere with bad Internet, it is impossible to access your apps. But there is a wise solution to this issue. You can download these Lite app alternatives for most of the essential things you do on the Internet.

Note that not all of these titles may be available in your market or for your device.

Facebook Lite

There is barely anyone who doesn’t check their Facebook from their phone. But it does take up a lot of RAM, making your phone run slower and even hang from time to time. Hence, a number of people even install the Facebook app to browse it. But being quite a large app. It takes up precious memory space. Instead, install the Facebook Lite app, which uses less than 1 MB of your device space, and browse at super fast speed.

Suggest: Facebook Lite (Official) | Swipe for Facebook

Messenger Lite

Do you like to stay connected all the time? If you want to receive every single message, wherever you go, irrespective of Internet speed or memory space, install this excellent app and never miss another message again. Light and user friendly, this is the best way to browse through your messages, reply or delete them in a jiffy. Although it lacks camera features right now, it is extremely useful for your basic messaging needs. Moreover, with the latest developments, you can expect all the features soon.

Messenger Lite (Official) | Lite Messenger for Facebook

Twitter Lite

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating when you have just thought of a witty one liner or a fiery political tweet but Twitter simply wouldn’t load or worse, your phone hangs! Put your woes to rest with this amazing Twitter Lite app which is super fast, efficient and has all the features of your desktop site, right on the phone. It is a Progressive Web App and even comes with a data saving mode for those times when you are low on money as well as data.

Twitter Lite (Official) | Fast Lite

“Instagram Lite”

One of the most annoying situations is when you are looking great or hanging out with your friends but cannot take a picture because you have run out of memory space on your phone. With this Instagram Lite app, save up your precious memory for all those amazing pictures.

Lite for Facebook and Instagram

MobiKwik Lite

With this Lite app, you can make your payments with much ease instead of worrying about payment failure or slowing down your phone. It is high speed and super efficient as well.

Mobikwik Lite (Official)

Opera Lite

Popular browser like Chrome or Firefox are notorious for their consumption of RAM. Instead of that, give Opera Mini a try. It is an incredibly fast, neat browser with the most advanced features that you will need. Want to book a table at the newest restaurant or check out the features of the latest laptop reviews to find the best of stunning designs, display, performance and connectivity and support? Why not use Opera Mini instead of your regular browser! Give this a try and you will be wowed by how easy and fast it is!

Opera Mini

These Lite apps are available for most of your essentials apps. These save space and work even on slow Internet as well. Being small in size, they do not consume too much RAM and hence, can function smoothly even on older models. With all the saved space, you can take pictures with your friends or your kitten’s videos without have to worry about space. So, go out and make memories instead of burdening your phone with a heavy app!

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