There is reason it takes many long years of extensive test and schooling to become a lawyer; law is incredibly complex and every state has different intricacies. It takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of the law. Even though you may not be an actual lawyer, you should be informed about the law of your state, or have instant access to someone who has enough legal knowledge. This way, you won’t find yourself in a mess when you get involved in some legal issue.

Technology makes things easier for us and we’re no longer constrained by having to visit websites for getting PI attorneys. We now have the option to download and install the best legal apps to our Android smartphones and stay in close proximity with legal assistance. It never hurts to be prepared. Let’s check out the names of few of such legal apps.


Would you want to have a library of law at your palm top? If yes, then Fastcase is an app you may want to install in your smartphone. With this app, you are allowed to look up for cases from any state and federal government by keyword, citation or browse through the different statute collections. Simply insert a keyword, select the state which you want to check out, or the dates on which the case fell and any other related information. The app will soon bring cases which are complete with citations. Although it is entirely free, you would yet need an account. Download it on Android for free.

Ask a Lawyer

It is always recommended that you consult licensed lawyers from trusted or eminent legal companies in person. But, when you’re going through a potentially serious issue, you can at least use an app such as Ask a Lawyer to get help. You only need create a profile and you can start online chatting with a lawyer. You may even use the Find a Lawyer feature if you’re looking for someone locally to help. If there are some favorite lawyers that you discover, save them to your ‘Favorites’ or call them directly through the app. Download this app on Android for free.

Law Dictionary

Sometimes when reading a law document, you might feel as if you’re reading some foreign language; some of that jargon can be overwhelming. For comprehending the legal terms or phrases you might wish to download the Law Dictionary app. Before long you’ll be able to make sense of what you read on websites or in legal books. The app is extremely simple to use as you just have to look for the term you don’t fully know to get an instant definition in simpler terms. You can thereafter bookmark it and save it for later use. With this app, you will get everything that you may need to help get through a legal document or letter. Download this app on Android at no cost.

As long as you’ve got that Android smartphone, you can be sure having access to amazing tools and resources. Android developers keep developing all sorts of useful apps in myriad aspects of life. Install the aforementioned legal apps to take one step closer to becoming or consulting a law expert.

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