When we think about mobile phone apps, we often overlook the business application of them and instead focus on the fun aspects – Games, dating and self-improvement. But a number of businesses can potentially boost business growth by adopting Android apps as a growth strategy.

We, team at Frugaa examine some of the fields where apps have proven to provide business growth. We’ll also introduce you to some of the app development strategies you should apply in your business.

What business fields can benefit from Android apps?

Mobile apps have had a huge impact on a wide variety of business fields. They have proven to be beneficial for different industries, but also to different aspects of the business itself.

Business development

First, it’s not just the established businesses that benefit from apps. Startups can use apps as part of their scaling up strategy and boost immediate growth possibilities. Apps offer a cheap method to collaborate, conduct research, collect data and test different business models.

For example, startups are using apps as part of the minimum viable product (MVP) strategy. This strategy lets you test your idea with a basic model of the business product/service in order to see whether it can be turned into a profitable business model.


Since the majority of consumers are now turning to mobile phones when making purchasing decisions, apps have proven to be a formidable option for growing sales figures.

According to IMB Holiday Benchmark Reports, retailers benefit increasingly from a mobile app during Black Friday. In 2012, mobile sales accounted for over 16% of the season’s sales, improving by 9.8% from the previous year.

Customer service

Businesses can also boost overall growth by improving customer service. Unfortunately, many companies overlook this strategy, even though in-app customer support has proven to be a beneficial tool.

Most customers use mobile phone to search information about a company, but also to complain about a bad experience. But instead of venting it out on social media, businesses should look into providing customer support through an app. Instant messaging systems, for example, are a great way to solve a problematic situation and provide that extra layer of benefits to the customer.

Market research

Furthermore, businesses can drive growth by better understanding their customer-base and mobile apps are a powerful tool for doing this. If your business is using search engine optimization (SEO) as a market research strategy, you must include mobile devices in your data collection.

Last year, Google announced it received more searches from mobile devices rather than desktops. The wealth of data available from how people search, when they search and why they search can give your business a much deeper understanding of their consumption behavior as well.


Better productivity at the workplace leads to higher growth – the statement is a rather obvious one to make. But improving productivity isn’t always easy for businesses, but luckily mobile phones are making even this aspect of running a business easier.

Mobiles are good for improving productivity because they provide freedom of location. Writing down ideas, collaborating with co-workers, discussing with customers – all of this is possible from almost every corner of the world.

By freeing the time to ‘work’, you can actually free people to be productive at a time when they most feel like it. It doesn’t restrict a person to complete a task at a set time, but allows freedom to use the most productive and innovative moment for doing so.

How to use mobiles for business growth?

If you want to be part of the growth revolution, you should consider implementing the following mobile app strategies.

Reach out to more customers

People are spending more time on their smartphones. Today, around 80% of people use a mobile to search information and above 50% make the actual purchase on the mobile phone. When it comes to clothing, groceries and entertainment, the mobile phone is the go to place for spending.

By offering consumers to option to reach out, find information and to buy products with their phones, a business can immediately increase customer numbers. The geo-location technologies have further paved a way for location-based marketing.

Not to mention how app analytics can improve your chances of finding out more about the customer. By knowing more about your current customer-base, you can target your future marketing to appeal to this group even more.

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Improve brand awareness

Since mobile apps are such an important aspect of user experience, having a well-developed app can immediately boost brand image. Mobile presence increases the major point of a good brand strategy: enhanced visibility.

Your Android app isn’t just able to attract more people to use it, but you are constantly reminding people of your business once they download the app. The app logo (your brand logo) will be displayed on the screen each time the phone is looked at.

Apps can also be an important part of your SEO strategy. Most social media experts are saying mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites are currently among the most important things to focus on when enhancing SEO.

Enhance workplace collaboration

But as the above has shown, mobile apps aren’t only about growth in customer numbers or sales. Apps can also boost innovation and productivity.

There are a number of great Android apps for collaboration and productivity. Consider, for instance, YouSendIt, Anywhere Pad, TheDeadline and AirDroid. Using these apps can help employees collaborate with teams from around the world and even from the comfort of their own homes. It reduces the time spent on meetings and such, as you can simply share and discuss matters on instant messaging apps.

Mobile apps and mobile websites are currently the most popular digital space for customer engagement. By implementing the use of different Android apps, as well as developing your own, you can reach out to a growing number of customer, increase sales and provide better customer service.

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