Our mobile devices are, quite simply, taking over the way we live our lives. From the way we entertain ourselves, to the way we make payments or manage our finances, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to our smartphones. For some of us, the thought of using our phones to play anything more than the classic ‘Snake’ was something akin to sci-fi movie but today, that thought is very much a reality. Whether you’re a fan of building massive creations on Minecraft or you prefer the casual gameplay of Crossy Road, here is everything you need to know about how mobile is truly revolutionizing the way that we play games.

The Growing Popularity Of Mobile Gaming

For some, it can feel like only yesterday that we’d be breaking out our gaming consoles on a nightly basis. Okay, so some of us still do exactly that but how many can confidently say that it’s their main gaming method? For the most part, the simplicity, convenience and accessible nature of mobile gaming has pulled more and more of us away from bulky, static consoles and towards the portable alternative of our smartphones. More and more companies are focusing on building devices that can host even the biggest and most demanding of apps, with Atari even bringing out a new gaming smartwatch that comes with popular titles like Pong, Asteroids and Crystal Castles pre-installed.

So, we know that mobiles are a popular choice for our gameplay, but not many truly realize just how revolutionary this style of play really is. Our smartphones have stormed the gaming industry, becoming the most popular device for women, parents and commuters in particular when it comes to their device of choice. Studies have shown that around 71% of gamers are using smartphones, with just 26% using consoles overall which is quite the switch considering just how popular consoles seem to have been over the years! Whether this is simply down to the fact that more of us are carrying smartphones, or because these games are extremely easy to download, the popularity is undeniable.

The Revolution

Mobile gaming really has revolutionized the way we play games, from the device that we’re using to the style of games that we choose. In fact, it’s even revolutionized the market as a whole! While the gaming industry might’ve once been stereotypically restricted to teenage boys playing in the dark hole of their bedrooms, the reality of today is very different. More and more people are taking on new styles of gaming, whether it’s the players themselves or the designers putting together the games we love to play! Here are ways that mobile gaming has revolutionized our gameplay:


If there’s one thing no one can deny, it’s that mobile devices have made gaming more convenient than ever before. Nowadays, consumers are more and more concerned with convenience, whether it’s ease of access to information online, or shopping on web-based e-commerce sites and having things delivered straight to our doors. Of course, gaming is certainly no exception and everything from a quick jump on Crossy Road to a quick check on our virtual farms is something very few are willing to go to great lengths to do. Convenience has become a huge necessity for all types of digital media and online experience, and is now a big part of the betting world, too, giving bettors and customers the opportunity to quickly react to any breaking news as it happens.

Unique Gameplay Styles

While console gaming is hardly behind in this sense, mobile gaming has given us a whole host of new gameplay styles, whether mobile-based or through new gear like VR headsets. Some of our favorite Android games are well known for providing unique styles of gaming, including the augmented reality of the revolutionary Pokémon Go, to the modernization of traditional ‘matching’ games, such as Candy Crush. Of course, each of these games has their own unique style and when you consider the sheer number of apps available on the markets today, it’s easy to see how the gaming industry could benefit from these new additions.


The designs of the games we play, from the actual graphics to the storylines they follow, are all being affected by mobile gaming. Of course, it’s fairly common knowledge that mobile apps are gaining better and better graphics with every passing day, but did you also know that things are changing from a production point of view? Of course, the ease of app stores makes it simple for producers and developers to sell or give away the apps that they make, but Google has even announced a goal to empower young women to design games, too. With this in mind, mobile gaming could easily lead the way to create equality in gaming.

If you didn’t already think that mobile gaming was changing the industry as we know it, hopefully, this article has helped show you just how it really is doing just that. While there is plenty of room for growth and expansion in the coming years, mobile gaming is currently at an all-time high, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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