How to find new crypto projects in 2022 | Tips on finding new crypto coins

Learn how to find new crypto coins and invest your finances profitably. How to safely invest in new crypto projects: tips and tricks

Cryptocurrency on the modern exchange market is considered one of the most reliable and promising areas for investments. We offer you some tips on how to find new crypto projects to invest in with the maximum benefit for you.

Where And How To Find New Crypto Coins In 2022

There are several ways to find coin listing and investment projects in cryptocurrency. Here are the best recommendations to tell you where to find new crypto projects.


They are considered the best place to find new cryptocurrencies. Here you can discover new products and learn their current price, sales forecast, vendor characteristics, etc. Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase are good because you can put your investment to work immediately after purchase.

Data Aggregators

Such platforms are one of the best ways to find new cryptocurrency projects. Aggregators like these – particularly CoinMarketCap – help you keep track of new products and trends in the cryptocurrency market. With their help, you can invest more profitably and determine your chances of making a profit.

DeFi Platforms

Decentralized finance platforms will not only help you find new crypto coins, but they will also help make financial transactions with them more accessible. Many of these platforms have their tokens, making finding and circulating cryptocurrencies faster and safer. DeFi platforms operate on the same principle as traditional exchanges.

Social Media And Websites

Social networks and websites are used as independent trading platforms nowadays. Cryptocurrencies are not left out of this trend – many whales in this industry use them to announce and promote future projects. You can learn more about new products and investment opportunities from Twitter or Telegram – just search for accounts by keywords.

Special Tools

With the help of similar tools – for example, PooCoin – you can find out about novelties and get a detailed tech audit of the project. Here you can find information about the vendor, price, transactions, and token contracts. These tools will help you determine if a new token is a fraudulent scheme and help you keep your funds safe.

NFT Marketplaces

Such marketplaces are among the most relevant trends for finding and conducting cryptocurrency transactions in recent years. It is essential to find a specialized trading platform for cryptocurrencies – and you can get news about upcoming releases or already released assets. Such platforms are convenient to use not only for searching but also for carrying out digital transactions and contracts.


If you are looking for a way and want to know how to find new crypto coins before release, initial coin offerings are the best place. You can get early access to cryptocurrency innovations at such sites and make a profitable investment. 

Is It Safe To Invest In New Crypto Projects?

In general, investments in cryptocurrency are safe. However, there are some risks here as well, not only related to how to find brand-new crypto coins. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, you should keep in mind some safety rules:

  • carefully check the project you want to invest in – not only its market statistics and growth rates;
  • invest an amount you can afford to lose;
  • if you are new to the cryptocurrency market, then first invest in recognizable projects with a good reputation;
  • seek advice from a cryptocurrency investing expert if necessary.

In today’s cryptocurrency market, there is quite stiff competition. Finding a new reliable project can be tricky, even a new one.

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