There have been times when the only way to transfer large files was by physical means. Yes, photographers and marketers needed to send printed copies of photographs or banners via courier 30 years ago.

Thanks to the digital era, a lot has changed. It wasn’t easy to send large files in the early days of the digital world. Back then, you used a floppy disk or a CD. Today, it’s easier to transfer large files faster. It includes videos and other heavy files. 

3 Ways to Send Big Files

There are several ways to transfer large files quickly to anyone. Below are three of them.

Use a USB flash drive

You can upload a video to a USB flash drive whenever you need to share it. The storage capacity of this drive can be between 2 GB and 1 TB. Also, you can easily transfer your files to your team(s) with a good USB flash drive. You can back up your files with it for more protection. Meanwhile, using the drive will help you take more strain off your PC. It extends its data storage. 

The best option while directly interacting with your team is to use a USB flash drive. It helps you handle files physically with your teammates. Use it to back up your PC in case of any crashes in the future that may cause you to lose important files.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is another efficient method for transferring large files. This option helps you share files online by uploading a file to a hosting server. One primary concern regarding the FTP is its security. However, the SFTP puts an end to this concern. 

What’s SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)? It’s a protocol that functions just like the FTP. The only exception is that a secured shell is used for encryption in SFTP. If you want to limit the accessibility of recipients outside your list, this is the best option. 

The SFTP offers superior security to any other file-sharing options online, including the traditional ones. It’s perfect for sending classified files, especially to clients or colleagues. Other options, including options for transferring files via email, are less secure than SFTP.

Utilize file compression software

There are several file compression programs available today. 7-Zip is a great tool to use to send large files. It is free and helps you send multiple files. This compressor can handle a bunch of files or folders at once. 

In general, zip files permit lossless data compression. They also save space and time while leaving your files intact. 

You don’t need extra software to unzip additional zipped files. Almost every operating system can easily do that. You can use 7-Zip on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Again, you can add a password to your files with the software. It makes it secure to send online. 


Transferring all kinds of files has always been challenging. There are now many options avaliable to send files to anyone online. You can use good file compression software, a USB flash drive, Unlockt or SFTP. 

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