App testing is an integral part of an app’s development process. As simple the task seems, it is critical to the success of the app and finding real users can be a daunting task in itself. There is a world of a difference between a developer analyzing their own app and new users testing it. The interface may be simple to you, but not to an ordinary user. The brand colors that you may like may be too intrusive to the user experience. Similarly, the navigation may seem to be too difficult for the end user. This is why it is important to launch an app only after it has been tested with real users. And UserFeel is a proven app usability testing tool that can not only have your app tested by real users; it can also generate valuable reports and videos to simplify the entire task.

Use a Usability Testing App

A good remote usability testing app like UserFeel allows you to record the testers’ screen flow and their actions including navigation. Some of the key features of successful usability testing apps include the following:

Test on Different Devices

You can test your app’s performance on different devices like desktops and mobile devices (including Android and iOS platforms). Your target audience is going to use your app in different devices. You want to ensure that your app renders effectively and efficiently on Android smartphones and tables, all the different generations of iPhones, and on iPads. UserFeel has a user base comprising of testers who are using all these different devices, providing you actual feedback and videos of how your app performs on these different platform.

Highlights Videos

There are rare few usability test apps like UserFeel that can also record highlights videos which can be shared with your development team for evaluation and improvement. The videos can be saved and uploaded anywhere. It takes just minutes to create your videos which can be shared with your development team to learn from the user experience and make adjustments and improvements to your app’s design.

Create & Share Reports

A good testing app can create reports containing metrics such as ratings, System Usability Scale, and time on task. UserFeel does exactly that. Export the data for easy and quick evaluation by your team. It generates easy-to-understand reports that simplify information instead of complicating them.

Quick Results

This usability testing app can generate real-user test results within a period of 24 hours. It has a vast user base of global testers. You can also view through videos how they interact with your app. As an app developer, you are most likely to be on strict schedules and waiting for days or weeks for feedback can delay your projects by significant margins. But when you use UserFeel to test usability, you can get faster results to speed up the development process.

Team Collaboration

This usability testing app goes further and also provides a team-collaboration interface. All your app development projects can be organized into separate projects. All the feedback and videos relevant to a specific project can be accessed by respective team members. They can add their own comments to the feedback/videos and even categorize the problems. This means more efficient management of teamwork and effective resolution of all the issues and bugs.

Test Websites in Any Language

You will need to create apps in different languages to reach different target markets. With UserFeel, you can test you app no matter in which language it is created. The app usability testing service has global panel of testers who speak dozens of languages. However, the benefits don’t just stop there. This app can also provide you with feedback in English or your own language even when your app in another language. This will make it easier for you to understand the feedback.

So follow these tips to have your app tested by real users. Use a combination of these different methods or focus on using a remote usability testing app that can provide you detailed reports.

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