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Yubo is a brand new way to catch up with friends and stream with them. The older name of the app was Yellow. Users below 13 years of age are not allowed to create an account on the platform. Apart from that, you also need your parents’ permission to sign up. Some might ask : is Yubo safe ? The answer is yes. It is entirely secure.

Users from the age bracket of 13 to 17 have the option to create their own Yubo community, which is distinct from the adult community. If you wish to sign up, you have to give your birthday, photo, name, gender, and contact number. To become a verified user, one can get their ID verified. Verified users are awarded a yellow check next to their name. 

Can any two people become friends on Yubo?

A Yubo user can contact a teenager only if they accept their friend request after confirming that it is someone known to them by looking at their photos. As a parent, you also have the power to fix the age limits of your child’s friends. Anyone above that age won’t be able to contact your child in whatsoever way. 

Due to this age range, parents have limited concern since they know that their child is having a safe interaction with Yubo. You can check the age range and confirm whether it is acceptable. Teenagers and children have a lot of fun using this app and developing social contacts necessary for their personal growth. 

What All Can You Do On The App?

Any Yubo user can create profiles that consist only of images. The platform connects people with other Yubo users in their area to create a thriving community. A quick swipe is all that needs to be done to add a new friend. That user ends up in your contact list after you perform the swipe. 

After adding a new friend, you can text them or even video chat with them if exchanging words is boring for you. Yubo users also have the option to live-stream themselves for their friends and even to strangers if permission has been granted since it is primarily a teenager’s app, activities such as dancing, storytelling, singing, or playing games. 

Is Yubo Safe?

Yubo is entirely safe, provided you keep checking it to ensure that your child is not in touch with any strangers. These strangers could be both teens and adults who could pose a threat. However, various safeguards prevent the loss of your child’s privacy. 

Ensure that your child does not reveal their address in any conversations or posts. This could be dangerous since malicious people might track your child with the help of their location. Keeping these little things in mind can make the Yubo journey completely safe. 

Is Yubo considered a dating app?

Yubo is not a dating platform. As stated earlier, it is an app that helps young people make more friends. People make friends in their school, pursuing the same hobbies, and social media platforms including Snapchat, Facebook, and Yubo. 

With the advent of digitalization, friendships have undergone a revolutionary transformation. People meet online, but they never meet in person. Online friendships are much safer, too, as compared to their offline counterparts since the chance of physical harm is zero.

Yubo safeguards live interactions

There are specific rules that ensure that interactions between users are not demeaning to either party:

  • Many visual algorithms exist that do regular analysis of all videos and display pictures. They can be considered the first platform in the world that prevents unwanted stuff from happening in live streams. 
  • The Yubo algorithm checks out all the content posted on the app to ensure compliance with their guidelines. It goes through all comments on the posts, the bio of the users, and the content in their stream. 
  • The app transmits an alert to the concerned when individuals attempt to share their private information, including their address or contact number. A reporting system is also in place where anyone can inform if there is any explicit content anywhere on the platform. 

What is the five-step approach to safety?

The Yubo community is growing with each passing day, and many teenagers consider it their one-stop solution when it comes to social media. In most cases, their experience is fantastic, but everything can not be perfect all the time.

Yubo tries to provide a safe environment for teenagers on its platform. This help is in the form of assisting them in tackling probable problems and adding safeguards at every step. The five-step approach is:

  • Adding necessary barriers at the stage of sign-up to weed out potential troublemakers. 
  • The profile settings are designed to collect all the necessary information to uphold the safety of users.
  • Detailed community guidelines to protect users. 
  • Safety tools to resolve technical issues and provide top-notch moderation.
  • An effective reporting and blocking mechanism.

Safety framework of Yubo

If any user wishes to sign up on Yubo, they must provide a government ID to get started. Any uploaded profile photos are not published immediately after the upload but go through a review procedure first. They are issued only after the review. 

Users do not have the freedom to text any random person on the platform. They first have to become their friend. They can only be their friend if the second person accepts their request. All uploaded videos and pictures do not stay forever on the platform. They are automatically deleted after 24 hours. The reporting system ensures that no unwanted material stays long on the platform. 


So, can we consider Yubo safe? The answer is yes. They have several safety tools that stand out in the industry. Their vision is to allow teenagers to develop more connections without compromising their safety and mental well-being. Other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram lack this. 

Apart from the multiple safety features, the community guidelines are also robust, which every user has to agree with before starting their journey on the platform.

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement

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