There is a great difference between our childhood and the one our kids are facing. In addition to different lifestyle, modern kids face a new technological world we didn’t have to deal with. Computers, tablets as well as smartphones are something every “normal” kid has. With the use of such technology comes new responsibilities and challenges for parents. From now on we have to know every social media channel, online game as well as cyber dangers like cyberbullying, sexting, online predators etc.

Hence, the first digital family assistant that aids to know your child’s internet activity anytime and anywhere at the click of a button is a must-have. Kidgy promotes itself with the motto: Digital Kids – Digital Parents. Parents can make use of this app to not only know about their kids’ online lives but have an active participation in them. Also this app is helpful in scheduling tasks for your children where you can also check whether the given task has been finished or not with the help of the schedulers feature.

How does Kidgy work?

It is as simple as installing any other app on your smartphone. Just following the below-mentioned steps can gain you access to all the information you may need. Here they are:

  1. Download and install Kidgy app from Google Play/App Store and download the app
  2. Set up Parent and Child profiles
  3. Instantly start monitoring your child’s smartphone
  4. As a nice bonus, you have 7 days’ free trial to make sure this something you really need

Following are some of its noteworthy features which can induce you to invest in a meager subscription amount for the use of this app for the obvious reasons. So without much further ado, let us get to know the features of Kidgy:

GPS location tracking

Kids are known to hide their whereabouts if they feel that their parents would object the place they hang out. With the help of the Kidgy GPS location tracking feature you can track down your child’s location anytime and anywhere. Quit being known a helicopter by calling your child every now and then to know where they are. Simply check your Kidgy app and you will know where to look for your child.


This feature is related to the GPS location feature where the app enables you to set geographical barriers which allow you to set acceptable and dangerous zones. You can set zones like “home” or “school”. The app will send immediate notifications whenever these zones are breached or crossed.

Text messages monitoring

Have you ever been through the embarrassment of being caught red handed while trying to get into your child’s smartphone to try and read their messages? Seriously, it is worse than having your hand in the cookie jar. Kidgy helps you by delivering all the messages sent and received, from your child’s device to your smartphone to avoid such situations yet prevent unwanted contacts and cyber dangers like cyberbullying, sexting for your child.

Panic button

This is probably my favorite feature. You are looking out for the virtual safety of your kid by using Kidgy app and Kidgy app will look out for the physical safety of your child. This app has Panic Button feature which when clicked by your child while facing some of the other sorts of an emergency will send you a detailed message with the location of your kid. Isn’t it awesome?

Internet filter

It can be a pain in the neck when you have to keep a track of the websites visited, especially when they are keeping their smartphones so close to their heart. But now worry not, as the Kidgy app will enable you to block those inappropriate websites and provide a peace of mind to you.

Call blocking

There has to be an appropriate time for sending and receiving calls. If you feel your kid is always on the phone, even in the middle of the night, then this app gives you the power to block off certain calls which you feel come from inappropriate people. This feature will also give you a comprehensive report of the calls made and received by your child along with the numbers and the duration of the call.

Contacts: (view/block)

Keeps a track of all the contacts being added to the contact list in your kid’s phone. We, as parents do have that sixth sense when it comes to protecting our child and this sense can notify us about the wrong type of people they have made contacts with. When you feel so you can the Kidgy app can enable you to block these contacts which will stop them from making calls to your child or even your child calling them up.

Apps (view/block)

There are many applications available on the World Wide Web which every child is attracted enough to download to their devices. Some are useful when some are downright useless and also sometimes inappropriate. Keep a check on the downloads done by your child with the help of Kidgy and, if need be you can also block those unwanted apps also.

Scheduler (set tasks and get notified when they are done)

Kids should be put to the habit of helping around the house and manage chores according to their age. With the help of the Kidgy app allot them tasks around the house and you can also keep a tab on those tasks and get notified when they are finished.

Cross platform monitoring (you can track iPhone from Android and vice versa)

The compatibility of the Kidgy app is what is helping it gain so much popularity. It does not matter which platform is used by you and your kid for accessing the Internet, Kidgy app will help you monitor cross platforms also. For e.g. if you own an Android device you can track an iPhone device and vice versa.

In general, I really liked Kidgy. It will aid in supervising the use of your kid’s phone along with all their activities and interactions on it. Also, there is a pretty neat announcement on their social media: they are looking for a new, bright, successful parent to become their Digital Parent Brand Ambassador. If you are interested, pitch their CMO: [email protected]

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