Every few years, my cat hits me with some kind of unexpected expense that really throws me for a loop. Now don’t get me wrong: she’s worth every rusted penny I’ve spent on her, and I’d happily sell a kidney to keep her chugging along – but that’s sort of the problem. I’ll always want to do everything she needs and buy whatever I need to to keep an eye on her, but I could really do without the credit card debt.

Which is why we’re talking about Lemonade Pet Insurance now: for the price of a mid-range streaming service, you can protect yourself from having to make some really hard choices down the line. 

Lemonade has a ultra-modern design and accessibility, truly “insurance for the 21st century.” It’s a hassle-free, entirely digital experience that’s largely powered by AI. It boasts award winning service, and claims the world’s fastest claim payments and an interface that prides itself on convenience and ease of use. This isn’t the traditional insurance experience, with hold music and complicated policies that leave you scratching your head – which is why Investopedia’s review earlier this year gave them such high ratings for convenience, easy-to-read policy documents, and customizable coverage. In addition, Leftover money is donated to charities you choose (including several pet-centric causes).

In other words, this is pet insurance for a digital native, tech-savvy young person who wants to take absolutely great care of their pet. 

And if your favorite little buddy isn’t the only thing you want to buy insurance for, that just sweetens the deal. Lemonade also offers a 10% discount for anyone who decides to insure their home through Lemonade too. Those savings add up quickly, and when you consider the money you’re already saving by signing up for insurance in the first place, it starts to get into “no brainer” territory.

Now let’s get specific about what Lemonade covers. According to their own blog posts, Lemonade covers accidents and illness, including basic diagnostics like x-rays and blood tests. They also offer a preventative package, which includes things you’re already paying for like your annual wellness check up and routine treatments like vaccinations. Few insurance policies cover everything, but Lemonade stands apart with that aforementioned customization: You can get the basic policy, which covers diagnostics (blood tests and other lab work) procedures (outpatient and specialty care, as well as hospitalization) and medications. 

Then you can add the Preventative and Wellness package, which includes your annual check up, several vaccines, fecal tests, medical advice chat, and more. They’ll even provide access to pet health experts, using a chat in the Lemonade app. 

Finally, you can add the Extended Accident and Illness package, which will cover vet exam fees and physical therapy.

Lemonade Pet Insurance starts at $10 per month for both dogs and cats, so what are you waiting for?

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