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With the recent coronavirus pandemic, managers and employees alike are looking to complete their daily work tasks remotely. Often this means accessing sensitive material such as email, databases, and information systems from a home environment on a residential internet connection.

Data Security

Understandably, some people have concerns about whether their home internet is secure enough to access proprietary or restricted content. After all, there are unscrupulous individuals in the world who may try to take advantage of this unique health crisis. In fact, we already have proof of this happening!

For example, The New York Times reports that some have been collecting hand sanitizer and other medical supplies with the intent to profit through price gouging. That is, they plan to buy up these necessities and sell them back at an inflated and unreasonable price. Indeed, even the Australian Prime Minister has requested that his citizens discontinue hoarding behaviors, as these are harmful to the population– regardless of whether the intent of this action is to take supplies from others.

People do take advantage of the confusion created by unprecedented circumstances, which is why it’s important to be safe. Stock up on the supplies you need to protect your health, and a secure VPN to protect your data.

It’s a good idea to signup for trial VPN service, just to make sure you are not the cause of a data breach for your workplace. Hackers are always looking for a way to capitalize on confusion, and coronavirus may look like the perfect chance to take advantage of stressed out staff members trying to work from home without a VPN in place for protection.

Many businesses may not have protocols in place for when their employees are forced to work from home. After all, a pandemic of this size has not yet been a consideration in the digital age. It seems unfair, but many are considering whether to protect their health and the safety of their community by staying home and social distancing, while also worrying about risking their livelihood through workplace absenteeism. This is not a choice anyone would like to be making, but it is our current situation.

VPN to Work

In many workplaces, a VPN is a perfect solution to this issue. The virtual private network provides security features including authentication and certification. Additionally, your VPN can determine whether there were attempts to interfere with your data transmission.

This is a unique time where many have been displaced from their traditional workplaces. Considering a VPN is the first step to manifesting a forward thinking attitude and taking on the challenges of this pandemic while also protecting data and the profitable continuance of business.

Everyone has been given the opportunity to enact new protocols. As an employee or a business, data security from a home work environment is the holy grail that enables workers to complete tasks while also preventing the spread of a potent pathogen. That’s where a good VPN comes into play. Hackers are counting on the opportunity to take advantage of chaos, but a VPN leaves them out in the cold.

Avoiding Malware, Tracking, and Ads

Many people have jobs where they are required to use the internet for research. For example, google is a good place to begin searching for industry best practices, evaluating vendor information, and making travel decisions– to name a few.

Browsing on the internet–even casually– can lead to the acquisition of malware, tracking, or even obnoxious pop-ups and ads. While accessing the internet at work, many businesses have security setups which prevent these occurrences. However, at home, many are unprotected without the explicit selection of a protective VPN.

The Future? Remote Workplaces via VPN

The coronavirus has surprised many of us with its quick spread and dramatic consequences. Though this current pandemic has had worldwide implications, eventually life will begin to return to normal.

However, there are important lessons to be learned from this experience. It’s becoming clear that a remote workplace scenario has its advantages: from ease of commute, to safety of staff, to ability to connect with staff in real time– whether or not they are home with their ill children or resting after minor surgery.

Consider the fact that remote workers don’t need to jump on the highway and get mired in traffic jams. Instead, they walk to their remote offices and log onto VPNs. One is a significantly smaller hassle; that is certain! Not only that, but most workers are more likely to be productive if they work from home.

Savvy businesses are noticing the benefits of remote work. The coronavirus has reminded us that we can’t control the future, but it’s always good to have a contingency plan in place– and to learn from whatever circumstances we encounter. It helps to have a good VPN, just in case.

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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