In recent years, parents sure have come to realize the importance of keeping an eye on their kids’ cell phone usage, particular their SMS conversations, but the reluctance to seek help from mobile monitoring tools like MobiStealth keeps them from doing the needful. In their eyes, using such tech would make them guilty of committing invasion of privacy, something that neither the society nor their own kids would look kindly upon.

If you find yourself in the same boat, then we’ve just got one thing to say to you; think about your kids and their safety. There’s absolutely no need to weigh every decision on a morality scale, especially when you’re looking to confront and defeat threats that can have lasting effects on your kids.

Don’t let doubt get in your way. Focus on what’s really important and then think about the consequences of your needless concern over how you may be judged for breaking a few rules to keep your youngsters safe. If you’re still confused and wondering if it’s alright to monitor your kids’ SMS conversations, then allow us to clear your doubt by reminding you of the potential consequences of your indecision.

Swearing and Cursing

Ever wondered why kids start using bad language despite the expletives-free environment that so many parents are careful to create and maintain at home? In most cases, they may have learned such words from their peers at school.

Of course kids are smart enough to avoid using profanity within hearing range of teachers and the school administration, which is why they typically let such words flow freely during their SMS conversations. They’re convinced that no one would catch them swearing and cursing in the privacy of their mobile communications. And they may actually keep getting away with all this just as they believe they would as long as you keep on avoiding taking advantage of the facility offered to you by mobile monitoring apps.


Sexting is a rather disturbing trend that seems to be spreading like wildfire among today’s smartphone generation. It involves exchanging sexually explicit messages and photos. Being young and impulsive, kids don’t fully realize the inappropriateness and danger of indulging in this act. To them, it’s just harmless fun. Of course you know better.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about tainted reputations, exploitations, and perhaps something even worse. The point is, kids have a tendency to make wrong decisions as they chase excitement and attention, and it’s your responsibility to stop and guide them. Failing to supervise the channel through which they are likely to engage in sexting, i.e. texting, would be nothing short of sheer negligence on your part.


The threat of cyberbullying has been haunting kids ever since personal cell phones became a norm among them. The constant, easy, and direct access has created the perfect opportunity for cyberbullies to threaten, intimidate, insult, or ridicule their targets without the fear of getting caught since they’re doing all this through the private SMS channel.

The most worrisome part is that despite being trapped in this nightmarish situation, kids hesitate to seek adult help, fearing that either the attacks will grow worse, or their cell phone privileges will be revoked on safety grounds. As a result, they continue to suffer in silence.

In the absence of a cell phone monitoring tool and your kids’ deciding against seeking help from an adult, there’s absolutely no way for you to find out about the torment that they’re being subjected to. Your reluctance to make use of available tech can even lead to irreversible damage, including your kid committing suicide to end their suffering once and for all.

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