Pangeanic complies with ISO to deliver the best translations

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Pangeanic is a Spain-based provider of translation services, and not only – due to modern technology, this organization is able to deliver natural language processing services, data for AI systems training, software translation, and information management.

Pangeanic is preoccupied with making the translation process as smooth as possible, and it calls on technological tools in this regard. The organization believes that automation and human work make the best duo, being one of the leading translation services providers to combine the two and obtain measurable results. The specialists from Pangeanic pay special attention to the customer’s satisfaction; hence they comply with international standards to assure the client of accurate, proofread, and approved translations. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide organization of national standards bodies engaged in maintaining ethics in all kinds of services, technical or nontechnical.

This company works with well-known multinationals, global organizations, and other language companies, which is proof that it’s a trustworthy service provider. The ISOs it complies with are further described, so keep reading to learn more.

ISOs Pangeanic complies with

ISO 27001 – Quality Certification

ISO 27001 refers to information security. It’s an international standard responsible for maintaining and developing an information security management system (ISMS), which is vital for keeping companies’ and organizations’ data secure in the online environment. The measures ISMS contain refer to technology, processes, and people, and with the help of these, companies worldwide are capable of protecting their data from cyber-attacks. Pangeanic has, in this regard, cyber-security and data breach policies and even anonymization services if needed.

ISO 17100 – Translation Standard

Moving to ISO 17100, we learn that it’s an international standard that specifies requirements for the translation process related to quality and delivery. This means companies offering translation services need to ensure translations undergo the proofreading and checking process. Pangeanic meets the requirement of this standard, so their translations are thoroughly verified before being released to the public. This way, clients are less likely to find grammar or accuracy errors, which guarantees a high satisfaction level.

ISO 13485 – Translation Standards for Healthcare Services

Given that Pangeanic works with many manufacturing companies, including those specializing in medical devices, such an international standard is a necessity. Fortunately, the Spanish organization follows ISO 13485 requirements, offering trustworthy, certified medical devices translations. Pangeanic became an accredited organization under this standard in 2018, ensuring excellence and high-quality services to customers from all around the world. Plus, Pangeanic is aware of the significance of medical translation services these days, so it disposes of competent, expert linguists in this field.

ISO 9001 – Quality Certification

As we already mentioned, Pangeanic is a leading provider of translation services focused on traceable results. That means it delivers quality translations and services that meet clients’ requirements. ISO 9001 has specifications in this regard with a focus on QMS (quality management system). This standard is to certify the high level of quality Pangeanic translations have, being also the mainframe for this company’s services. ISO 9001 is also the most well-known standard in the ISO 9000 family.

ISO 14001 – Quality Certification

ISO 14001 has environmentally-oriented requirements, demanding organizations to reduce their impact and footprint on the environment. This standard is to help companies like Pangeanic minimize their operations (digital, in this case) that have a negative impact on the environment. Pangeanic complies with these regulations, making efforts to be environmentally friendly and embrace sustainability. With the ISO 14001, Pangeanic becomes a nature-friendly organization that, more than that, provides irreproachable translation services.

ISO 18587 – Quality Certification

ISO 18587 refers to post-editing the result of a machine translation. Automation has, of course, its role, but it’s the human eye that guarantees a free-of-errors translation. Becoming certified under this standard in 2020, Pangeanic now has the right to proofread and verify a translation that has been made with the help of AI tools to guarantee a quality service. The company is also one of the few ones awarded an automated translation post-editing contract, which proves its vast experience in the field.

Not only does post-editing assure a quality translation, but it also reduces the time and cost that would have otherwise been involved. Given this fact, the company can work with clients demanding services within a tight deadline, which is not very common among other organizations of this kind. Remember that post-editing reduces the human effort in this work, but not the quality. Experienced linguists are responsible for checking the translation for consistency and potential spelling errors before delivering it to the customer for the recreated version to meet the client’s terminology specifications.

The translation is, without any doubt, no longer the same. Automated translation is more realistic than ever before with today’s technological advancements, which can only be encouraging. Re-creating the original version of a source language (SL) text and making it sound natural and accurate in a target language (TL) is definitely not easy. With machine translation, professionals in the field can now minimize their hours spent on translation without affecting its quality. Automated translation also allows for the delivery of multiple services. Pangeanic, a leading provider of translation services on the market, boast with:

  • document translation services: Pangeanic delivers document translations that help businesses of all kinds flourish in the international marketplace.
  • multilingual desktop publishing: such services assure that clients’ formatting requirements are met.
  • transcription services
  • localization services: interculturality is vital in translation. Apart from the translation itself, the translator has to take into account cultural references, idioms, or humor for the TL translation to be fully understood by the target audience. Foreignization and domestication are also common concepts in the translation field, referring to the degree to which translators adapt the ST to the target culture.
  • website translation services: Pangeanic helps businesses (and not only) make their content available to visitors all around the world by translating it into several languages.
  • translation for Amazon webstores: the company helps people boost their online presence and sales. Since clients usually make transactions in their native language, many retailers have welcomed this kind of service with open arms.

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement

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