Six reasons we can’t wait for the Bluboo S8 (Sponsored)

On the heels of the successful Bluboo S1, details of the brand new Bluboo S8 are coming out fast and furiously. The new phone from Bluboo will have an 18:9 display, much like the S1 and it will cover most of the front of the phone. Bluboo is on a kick of simplification now and it shows in the design. A clean pallet with a huge screen and premium materials for a low cost. Here are the top six reasons we’re excited for the Bluboo S8


As we mentioned, the Bluboo S8 will have an immersive 18:9 display. Like the much more expensive Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, the Bluboo S8’s display will cover almost the entire front of the phone in a tri-bezeless design. The 5.7-inch display has an 83% screen-to-body ratio and 2.5D curved glass which curves the screen on the sides, but not as dramatically as the Galaxy S8. This should provide a pleasing effect without being hard to use.

Dual Cameras

The new rage in phones today is dual cameras. These cameras add the ability to blur the background of images and let in more light to perform better in low-light situations. The main camera is a 16MP shooter that’s paired with a 3MP camera to make shots sharper and more beautiful.


One of the better features of phones like the Blackberry Priv or the any of the recent Samsung devices is the additional security that is built in. Well, Bluboo has paid attention to that and teamed up with 360 Security to enhance the security of the OS. The Bluboo S8 will come with always-on monitoring to keep you safe from threats. Features like Intelligent Interception and File Protection are coded deep into the operating system to make sure they’re not bypassed by malicious programs.

Premium Materials

The frame of the Bluboo S8 adopts nano molding craftsmanship to give users a satisfying experience. The sides of the Bluboo S8 are strong but made of lighter material to keep the phone’s overall weight down. The smooth feeling will remind customers of much more expensive phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 that also has rounded edges.

CD Effect

The rear of the Bluboo S8 is simply awesome to look at. The halo lines remind us of the effect CDs offer when looking at the bottom of the disc. The reflecting light shines beautifully and gives you and your friends to talk about. The back is made with IML electroplating technology which gives it the halo effect that will keep everyone talking.


Here’s the most surprising fact about the Bluboo S8: it’s a fifth of the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Yes, the Bluboo S8 will retail for only at $149.99 which is a crazy price for a premium phone like the Bluboo S8. We’ve laid out all of the reasons we are anticipating the S8. We won’t have to wait long! The global presale will start on August 1, 2017, with some mysterious gifts in tow!

For more information on the Bluboo S8, you can head to the official site here.

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