The number of broken smartphone screens continues to rise every day. According to a Digital Trends report around 50% of people with smartphones have experienced a cracked screen. That’s one in every two and therefore a very probably scenario. The most common reason for broken phone screens are of course dropping your phone, which lets face, is not very hard when you think how often you use it.

Why Smartphone Screens Crack

What really causes smart phone screens to crack? The strength of a smartphone screen is based on the relationship between the inner tension and surface compression. This relationship determines how many impacts it can take before cracking. If the force of impact is too great the surface compression will not be able to withstand the impact and the screen will crack. Even small scratches over time can weaken the glass causing it to eventually crack. New technological breakthroughs are helping to strengthen screens. One such innovation is Gorilla Glass by Corning. This extra strong glass can withstand much greater impacts than previous smartphone screens and is making its way into many new devices.

However, as glass strength improves, so does the demand for much thinner, sleeker mobiles, with much bigger screens that demand even greater glass strength. Therefore, progress in smartphone glass strength is always offset by these demands.

What To Do If You Crack Your Phone’s Screen

Contact your phone manufacturer – The first thing that you can do is to contact your phone manufacturer and find out if they can help you. Usually, the warranty doesn’t cover accidental damages, so they will help you but at a fee. Contact the customer support center and learn more on how they can help you.

Local repair shop – You can always seek the services of an independent phone repair shop. Keep in mind that these shops may not have the original parts that you are looking for.

DIY repair – If you have some knowledge about phone repair, you can choose to repair it yourself. However, unless you are skilled in this area, you may not get the professional finish you hoped for. However if you want to save some money then this is the best option as getting Apple to repair your screen is expensive! There are many videos online to help you repair your smartphone screen.

Mobile phone insurance – Most mobile phone insurance policies cover theft or loss, but many plans are now starting to compensate for a broken phone screen. Of course, taking out mobile phone insurance means you will have to pay monthly installments for something which may never happen, however by protecting your Android’s screen this way, you have the added benefit of being protected against theft, loss and even water damage at the same time.

Sell your phone – You can also decide to sell your phone as a dead phone. This option is recommended if your phone is a little bit older.

How to Avoid Cracked Phone Screen

It’s normal for people to drop their phones accidentally, but it will be wiser to take some measures to protect your phone in case you do drop it. A good case can protect your screen from cracking and keep your phone looking in mint condition, which is ideal should you decide to re-sell your phone for the latest model. These days you can get iPhone cases which are relatively thin.

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