As long as the Terminator series is concerned, it is almost inevitable that you will become a fan once you’ve completed watching the initial three movies which starred the ace actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Game developer, Plarium, built the game on an established franchise the Terminator Genisys: Future War for both Android and iOS mobile devices. This is going to be the very first clan-based MMO (multiplayer online) strategy game which permits players to choose between Resistance and Skynet. So, what are you going to do? Would you fight to save humanity or leverage the metallic taste of the machine?

Is the game an extension of Terminator Genisys narrative?

Yes, this new mobile Android and iOS game is an extension of the narrative of Terminator Genisys which follows the end of the Skydance film as the gamers begin playing the game in a world that’s torn by fierce battles between the hostile Skynet facilities and Resistance holdouts. Irrespective of which site you will choose to play, each of them contains 24 3D units in six classes, Assault, Infantry, Aviation, Cavalry, Spy Drones and Siege Units.

Players who select the Resistance can transform the weapons of Skynet against it by developing virtual military forces with well-known Terminator technology. At the same time, Skynet players are given the capability of unleashing the crucial T-series Terminators, siege platforms and Hunter Killers.

Terminator Genisys: Future War is a free game which players can play on both Android mobile devices and iOS platforms but they can purchase few in-game items for real money. You will also require a fast internet connection for playing the game.

A walk-through the basics of the game

You might feel strange that Terminator Genisys is getting a game for mobile devices right after two years the film released but in this review; we will take you through the basics of the game so that you know what you should be doing.


When it comes to the basics of the game, here are few steps that you have to take before starting the game.

  • Select your side: No, it is not that there is too much difference between the 2 sides in the game. The units will seem to be different from each other just as the bases that you’ll be building but the game will play in a similar manner. You just have to choose whether or not you are the bad guys or the good guys.
  • Do what you are prompted: The building log has got recommended missions and you, as a gamer, should be focusing on this. Once you complete them, you will earn rewards and this way you can ensure that the base is heading towards the perfect direction.
  • Invade the troops: When you send out the troops built by you, this can be a vital part of the game. You won’t have total control on them and you even won’t be able to see them scrapping. When you capture resource points, you can earn numerous goodies to strengthen and build the base.


  • Do your bit of homework: When you play the game, you have to research in order to get more interesting troops. Watch out for the things in which you can spend your time and dive into them. Remember that the stronger your troops are, the better will be the chance of capturing resources.
  • Make sure you claim rewards: There are several rewards you can claim and few of them are hidden in the UI. Ensure checking everything by applying a notification dot next to it to know you’re receiving everything that you owe.
  • Run missions: Missions are nothing but time-based tasks which don’t need you to do anything. You have to get them going and when you run down the counter, you will get some goodies. It is better to set off a long one when you put down the game so that you may obtain extras when you log in next time.

So, if you’re a mobile gamer who loves to grind out several levels, you are probably going to love Terminator Genisys: Future War. Apart from the sheer joy you will gain, there is very little that we can recommend you.


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