Sturdy, cheap, portable and easily attached to almost anything, the GoPro camera has absolutely transformed the filming and extreme sports industries.

A GoPro gives a user high-quality, wide-angle (170 degrees), HD video. These cameras have produced some incredible vertigo-inducing images of climbers, majestic bald eagle flights and millions of action sports shots.

The popularity of GoPro’s results has helped the term become synonymous with individual filming, like Xerox is to photocopying. GoPro has woven itself into the fabric of our culture.

GoPro cameras also accept various mounting accessories such as; a 3-way mount, suction cups, headbands, selfie stick clamps, dash mounts, dog harnesses and motorbike mounts. You can click here to look for both the cameras and accessories.

Sports and the GoPro

No other field has been transformed by GoPro to the extent of extreme sports. With a GoPro and an appropriate mount, any extreme athlete can give a viewer a bird’s-eye view of what their chosen sport is like. These videos are some of the most viewed on YouTube.

Time Lapse Photos/Compilations

Users of a GoPro with a time-lapse feature have produced stunning videos of the night-time sky, including the Milky Way, meteor showers, and the stars on moonless nights. They’ve captured lightning storms, weather fronts, sunrises, sunsets as well as the hustle and bustle of large urban cities.

A GoPro allows every moment of every day of every person to be cataloged on film. It also begs the question; do we all need to channel our inner movie director for every second of our lives?

There’s no definitive answer to this. One answer is that a GoPro can take the ordinary and turn it into something spectacular. What happens when the ordinary turns into something completely unexpected?

Other uses for GoPros

A few years ago, dash cameras of several dozen people captured footage of a meteorite falling to earth. These spectacular images show how an everyday Russian morning can turn into something fantastic.  Most people won’t ever see something like that in person.  But because some people had their GoPros running, that meteorite was shared with the entire world.

GoPro cameras, when used as dashboard cameras, have provided video evidence for altercations with other motorists, law enforcement, and even traffic accidents.
A GoPro also provided actual footage of an attempted armed robbery.  The assailant escaped and the cameraman was unharmed.

Will anything you record on your GoPro ever hit the 12.5 million YouTube views the armed robbery footage did? Probably not. But you never know what you might catch on a GoPro.
At the end of the day, the GoPro has changed the way we view our lives. Why do we film everything? Simple. Because we can.

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