If you have been trying to get a better understanding of or simply learn about data center proxies, the piece will help you by covering the basic elements, what to compare them to and the different types and functions of a data center proxy.

The distinct features of the various kinds of proxies mean that certain ones are better suited for particular roles as they have specific uses. Data center proxies are efficient in offering online privacy for both personal use and business needs, making them the most natural selection for many and the most popular proxy choice.

Different companies that make the proxy IPs have varying degrees of performance levels so it is vital to do your research and identify exactly what you need before deciding which one to go for.

What are data center proxies?

There are assigned, dedicated servers that proxy selling companies have to both operate and manage the proxy IPs. Any category of  proxies that are managed by data center servers are known as data center proxies. They are able to complete their work and perform tasks at great speeds which go undetected by websites and make them a popular choice. It allows you to data mine or web crawl on sites with below standard security at will.

Are there drawbacks to using data proxies?

Data center proxies have some negatives though in that some websites can easily identify their fast traffic and block them. They are not very good at providing cybersecurity and their speed is an easy target for sites with stronger security attributes. Data center proxies are often flagged for bot-like activity when a specific IP-address produces too much traffic in a short space of time, making it detectable to most systems.

How do you counteract this?

Luckily, in comparison to residential proxies, data center proxies are more affordable. This enables you to firstly buy them in bulk and secondly, when some get blocked you can switch from the current IP to another thus avoiding detectability and further blocking.

What types of data center proxies are there?

Data center proxies are commonly defined based on the protocol used and either fall under ‘Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) proxies’ or ‘Secure socket Proxy (SOCKS)’.

When should I use data center proxies?

You can also use them for high speed tasks and naturally they will be suited to some tasks over others like;

  • Data mining
  • Web crawling
  • Purchasing items at wholesale prices and resell.
  • Altering location to access sites that have geographical restrictions.


The decision to use data center proxies should not be taken without careful examination of their intended use. Choosing them without the necessary care and attention to their details could backfire if they are then used in the wrong context. There is no doubt they can benefit you with their high speed use and functionality but be cautious from a business perspective if you are working with high level security sites as you will not see the results you desire.

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