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In the highly competitive F&B industry, brands do many activations and execute various strategies that help them to increase sales. Some of these creative solutions go on to become game-changers because of their ability to solve a larger problem existing in the industry. Effective shelf space analysis is one such solution. 

The F&B industry faces many challenges when it comes to ensuring store efficiency. While Planogram management provides a viable solution, distributors and convenience retailers working in the small to midsize business space do not have a dedicated budget to onboard exclusive technology partners or hire 3rd party service providers to do the job. That said, we cannot underestimate the benefits of using a planogram to manage sales and increase market share. 

A data-driven Planogram strategy and compliance help brands stay relevant and visible at all times across multiple outlets and stores where their products are being sold. Planogram compliance refers to the in-store execution of a specific design laid out by your Planogram that helps them to maximize their shelf space and make sure they never run out of stock at any store. Not just this, the valuable data compiled in the process of using a planogram allows brands to work on insights about each product and how their display works in the eyes of the end consumer. Unfortunately, having the convenience and capability to map each product to its exact shelf or display location had always been a luxury that most retail stores could not afford. 

ShelfSet has emerged to be a turnkey tool to eliminate this gap in the F&B industry. Powered by AI, the app stands out as the primary tracking, analysis, and reporting software for small to midsize business owners. ShelfSet has emerged to be one of the most preferred apps for mom-and-pop groceries, convenience stores, and family-owned beverage distributors looking to maximize revenue. Available on iOS and Google Play Store, the mobile application is extremely user-friendly and adds incredible value to improve product marketing and supply by harnessing powerful data analytics capabilities for its users. 

Here’s why ShelfSet is the perfect Planogram solution for growing businesses: 

Eliminates manual data entry & ensures Planogram compliance 

Beverage distributors are constrained to do manual audits only once in a while because of the time and effort that goes into the process. This becomes a big problem as the distributor never gets a real-time update in case a specific brand’s product is out of stock. It also gives a chance to the consumer to select another brand because of lack of availability. Additionally, manual data entry and reporting are prone to human error. 

Solving this problem once and for all, ShelfSet’s AI image recognition planogram solution enables beverage distributors to maximize revenue. The mobile app eliminates human error and the amount of time spent auditing stores, improving operational efficiency for beverage distributors in real-time. Beverage distributors can quickly perform a shelf space analysis to measure the productivity of products. In a real-world application, it works tremendously for a distributor who has paid a retailer for shelf space or has a contract with a brand to fulfill some obligation related to particular numbers and figures. 

Generates Shelf Planogram automatically

Shelf space analysis automatically updates records in the route accounting software. Additionally, it maps the shelf space and fixtures to stores seamlessly. Retailers and distributors can use this technology to view the whole picture store-by-store or brand-by-brand to make better-informed decisions and plan region-wise inventory accordingly. 

Helps in quick Planogram resetting and displaying merchant- salesman agreement in real-time 

A planogram reset refers to a situation where a retailer wants to implement a new Planogram design layout. Executing this with immediate effect involves a large-scale restructuring of the store layout and can also include stocking new products or restocking existing products in a new way. With ShelfSet, store owners can quickly do a feasibility check and activate Planogram reset according to the requirements of the brand. Additionally, the app also integrates and displays the merchant-salesman agreement to avoid any kind of miscommunication. 

Closing Lines 

ShelfSet’s automated and AI-driven solutions make shelf space analysis as easy as taking a photo. Made by beverage distributors for beverage distributors, ShelfSet has emerged to be the go-to app for primary tracking, analysis, and real-time reporting of shelf space and POS display to get valuable insights into retail management. Small beverage manufacturers and retail store owners have largely benefited from ShelfSet’s AI-powered image recognition as it enables them to monitor retail on-shelf availability instantly and take immediate actions to optimize their operational efficiency accordingly. Interestingly, the innovative and cost-friendly solution by ShelfSet is not just limited to SMBs operating in the F&B industry. It can be scaled and customized to fit the needs of the largest manufacturers across industries. 

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement

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