When you’re young, you have more time on your hands because there are fewer things you need to do, which leaves plenty of room for things you want to do. As we spend more time in the professional world, there is less time for things outside of it. With the forced move to working from home, you have to spend even more time just to communicate, whether it’s through long emails, virtual meetings, or detailed reports you have to review. Just as technology made working from home possible, now it can make it more efficient, too. Elocance is an app that can save you time and strain on your eyes by turning web articles, documents, long emails, and more into audio that you can listen to. 

If you’re looking for ways to fine-tune your day for productivity, then save the time you’d spend reading long documents and listen to them instead. Elocance can help you work, learn, and live efficiently in ways that were unavailable before. Listen to that 12-page email while you eat lunch. Enter data into a spreadsheet while listening to a book you’ve been wanting to read. 

Beyond saving you time, Elocance will help you learn and retain information more effectively. People learn better by varying how they acquire knowledge. If you are spending more time than ever reading and working to retain information from so many different visual sources, then listening to it for a change will help you commit that information to memory. 

By turning any text into audio, a busy person can condense their work and boost their productivity immensely, and you don’t have to continuously add new things to Elocance to play for you, wasting your time. Instead, Elocance can easily create playlists of your content to give you an audio library of information you can hear rather than read. You’ll be able to organize these playlists, listening to all your unread emails in a row as easily as you’d be able to hear a few chapters from a book you’ve been wanting to read. 

The breaks you give yourself to rest your eyes from hours on Zoom can now be spent still engaging with useful, practical information, while giving you a moment to recharge before you jump back into your work. With Elocance, you can learn to code while walking your dog, or research some awesome new products while you cook dinner.

Elocance is a new way to make your life more efficient. Normally $86.99 for a yearly subscription, now you can get Elocance for 50% off if you use the coupon code ELO#[email protected]. Hack your productivity and listen to your work with one app. 

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