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This worldwide pandemic has taken us all by surprise. Nobody was ready for it, but here we are! Therefore, since we do not really have a choice, we suggest looking at gadgets that can help us get through the tough times more easily and have fun in between. Without further ado, let’s get to our list!

Signal booster

If you have a faulty connection at home, this one is a lifesaver. Right now, our phones and the internet are our only big windows into the world, so losing any of them is no Bueno. Luckily, you do not have to endure bad reception, even if you live in a remote location. What you need is a cell signal booster, or a 4G booster if you need a specific device for the mobile data signal. The objective of this gadget is clear enough: fish the signal coming from the cell tower (even if it is weak), make it stronger, and then broadcast the strong signal all over a certain area. These gadgets use the same frequency as the cell providers, so the devices will differ from country to country. Mobile signal boosters Australia will offer are different from those in the US, or Canada. These boosters can also vary, depending on the area you would like to cover, the signal you would like to enhance (Call, 3G/4G/4G LTE, etc.) and the providers you prefer. So make an effort to research everything before making a decision. Just remember that this great device will keep you connected even if you decide to go deep into the countryside to a location with a weak signal, or just have the comfort of working from home.

3D Printer

If you are social distancing with kids or a couple of teenagers, you will appreciate this next one. Having a 3D printer in the house will help immensely, and not only in the fun department, although we have to admit, is it great fun for both kids and adults. Not only can you make toys and lots of fun stuff, but you can also print useful things for the house, like custom made handers, door handles, in case you need a replacement, etc. If you are looking for a cheap 3D printer, UK has plenty of options, but probably the most useful ones for home are tabletop models. They are cheap enough to purchase and at the same time, they give you and your kids’ endless opportunities for learning and inventing. In addition, if you learn 3D modeling (the pandemic might just be the right time), paired with a printer, you would be unstoppable!

Wireless Headphones

We all need our peace and quiet sometimes. A lot of times, actually. However, having wireless headphones will give you the chance to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or news, while doing any sort of mechanical work, like cooking, house chores, etc. Yes, you could also do it with a cord, but it always ads extra tension, do not you think? Constantly worrying that the phone will fall out of your pocket when you turn too fast or the earphones will get wet when you try to readjust them with wet hands. Wireless over-the-ear headphones are the best choice if you are hoping to get a little peace of mind during all this madness.

Monitor Stand with a Fan

This one is a great opportunity to save on your electric bill by turning off the AC and having a fan right on your desk. It will keep the monitor at your eye level, taking the strain away from your neck and at the same time, keep you cool and your brain fresh while you work. It is a win-win!

Ergonomic Keyboard

Since we are talking about comfort, this one will give your hands a break and allow you to keep your wrists and forearms in a more relaxed position while typing. This is an immeasurable plus if your work involves a lot of it. So give your arms the comfort they deserve with this great keyboard. With a slightly elevated middle section and soft padding at the bottom, your wrists will not hurt even after a long working day. Paired with a super comfortable chair, you will not feel as tired by the end of the day.

Working from home, and generally spending this much time in 4 walls can be very stressful, but at least we can make it a little easier on ourselves by surrounding our home life with a little more comfort and purpose. Stay safe and healthy above all else and good luck!

Image by Junjira Konsang from Pixabay

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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