UMi Plus E: Ultimate performance of battery life (Video)

These days, when people go for faster and better performance of smartphones and more apps running at the same time, there is one pain point that can hardly be ignored: the performance of battery life.

UMI, a company that is constantly digging deeper into the customer needs with a close look of the latest technology, worked really hard to improve their battery performance, while decreasing charging time. Therefore, they decided to go for a massive 4000mAh battery on their latest product – UMI Plus E.

Slim and light, UMI Plus E is capable for a full day use with your regular use. The 690Wh/L high density battery manufactured by Sony cells, is providing 26% extra power than normal smartphone batteries. In addition, the software optimization makes the battery life last longer. UMi Plus E is leading the market thanks to the latest PE+ Quick Charge Technology.

For comparison, a battery test between UMI Plus E and Samsung Galaxy S7 is shown in the video. From 1%, UMI Plus E’s 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in 1hr and 50 minutes, while Samsung S7’s 3000mAh only reach 91%. In 30 minutes charging, UMI Plus E gets 27% while 20% for Samsung S7.

UMI has done great job in maximizing its charging efficiency on UMI Plus E model.



Find more deal here at UMi official website:

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