The recently announced Umidigi Z2 looks primed to make a splash in the world-wide market. Umidigi is so confident in the work it put into the Z2 that it even cut together a video comparing it to an up-and-coming titan of the industry, the Huawei P20. The video doesn’t go so far as to compare the two on a spec-for-spec basis, but rather focuses on the design of the two phones.


Umidigi Z2 vs. Huawei P20

When it comes to display specifications and quality, the two are very similar. The Umidigi Z2 opts for a 6.2″, 1080p display sporting a 19:9 aspect ratio and the newly-popular notch cutout. The Huawei P20, meanwhile sports a 5.8″ 1080p display with a 18:7.9 aspect ratio. Both are quite clear and show great contrast, but we should note that the Umidigi Z2 features a minimal bezel design with a much smaller “chin” than is on the P20. This is thanks to the Z2’s rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a stark contrast to the P20’s front-mounted one.

Additionally, the Z2 runs stock Android 8.1 right out of the box, which should appeal to North American audiences; the P20 runs a heavily modified EMUI-AL 8.1 OS. While there’s no word on Processor for the Z2, we can see from this handy graphic courtesy of Umidigi that it will release with 6/64GB RAM/ROM – the same as the P20.

Twilight Gradient Comparison

The backplate of the Z2 is where we can really see the P20’s influence. The Umidigi Z2 adopts Huawei’s gorgeous “Twilight Gradient” coloring, but takes it a step further with a curved glass back that really shows off the gradient more naturally. The two phones weigh roughly the same, but the curved back of the Umidigi Z2 is meant to feel more natural in-hand than the flat back of the Huawei P20.

The Z2 is listed on Umidigi’s website and will begin its preorders on June 11th. It will retail for just $249.99, a stark contrast to the $599.99 P20. Subscribing to updates on the Z2 will notify you of the preorder availability, as well as enter you into a drawing for a chance to win a Z2 and Umidigi’s fastest wireless charger, the Q1.

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