Thermal imaging improves human visibility of the ‘invisible’. Put simply, a thermal imaging device can see what our naked eyes cannot see. Human visibility is restricted to the visible spectrum of light on the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a small component of the entire spectrum.

Thermal imaging – infrared – notices heat signatures of objects, creatures, gases, emissions and so forth. The benefits of thermal imaging are especially noticeable in dark environments. Each object creates a heat signature that can be picked up with a high quality thermal imaging device.

Night vision technology includes low-light imaging, thermal imaging, and near-infrared illumination. Thermal imaging cameras such as the Therm-App® for Android have even greater applications – from weapon sights and drones to nighttime driving assistance. These handheld thermal imaging cameras have a myriad of applications, including wildlife safaris, finding a lost pet in the darkness, spotting dangers in adverse weather, or finding leaks in the basement of your home.

Since thermal imaging cameras went mainstream, wider possibilities are now available to folks. They are, for instance, great for home security as part of an existing alarm or warning system. Other applications include mobile, aviation, industrial and defense.

What’s the Therm-App® all about?

One of the hottest new Android thermal cameras on the market is the Therm-App® from OpGal. The company uses the motto – Beyond the Visible – to explain to clients what they are guaranteed with these thermal imaging cameras. It’s even possible to utilize these cameras for medical purposes such as detecting infections, inflammation or raised temperatures in pets and people.

The most important applications of this technology are evident in the new ways that thermal imaging technology is being used. For example, DIY folks can now detect gas leaks, faulty electrical cables, fire hazards, water leaks, mold, and air-conditioning problems whenever they crop up.

Tech Specs of the Camera:

  • Fully supported on Android 4.1+
  • Frame rate of 8.7 Hz
  • Weight of 138 g
  • Operating temperature – -10°C through 50°C or 14°F through 122°F
  • No battery needed
  • Certified by ROHS, FCC and CE
  • Resolution of 384 x 288 pixels
  • Accuracy of +/-3°C
  • Video and audio output and snapshot
  • Colour palettes include vivid, iron/rainbow/gray/hot black/hot white
  • Continuous digital zoom with touchscreen technology and full updates available via Google play
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