Upcoming Ulefone Power 3 features four cameras and a bezel-less, 18:9 display (Promoted)

Ulefone is gearing up for its big release of the year – the Ulefone Power 3. There’s been a trickle of information over the past couple months, but the video above is the first time we’ve really gotten a full-on look at the thing.

The Power 3 will feature a 4-camera setup – which, obviously means a dual-sensor camera on both front and back. There’s a 13/5MP camera on the front for taking those bokeh selfies the world is all a-rage for, and a 16/5MP rear shooter.  The Power 3 is also supposed to feature an advanced Facial Identification System akin to the new iPhones, though it’s unclear whether this represents an advance in hardware technology or a similar, software-powered feature we’ve seen from Android for years. There’s the now-standard fingerprint reader on the back of the phone as well, to go along with the giant 6080mAh battery – 

Rant Time: What is it about these Chinese manufacturers that makes them understand that the masses crave bigger batteries, meanwhile Samsung and LG and Sony and HTC and even OnePlus (the “Never Settle” King itself) insist on force-feeding us dinky little 3000mAh batteries on every single one of their respective “flagships.” Riddle me THAT, OEMs.

– and 18:9 bezel-less display. In a pleasant turn of events, the Power 3 will also come pre-loaded with Android 8.1 Oreo – if I recall correctly, a first for the market.
Expected to release in Mid-December, the Power 3 looks to launch around the same time as 8.1 does, which is even more impressive. To stay up to date on the Power 3, hit up Ulefone’s website.

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