When you think of beauty, what comes to mind? People think of various products in the market including jewelry to satisfy beauty needs. Many beauty products have flooded the market but not all meet the specific needs of customers.

Due to the increasing demand of state of art jewel products that meets advanced technological standard, customers have tired from going from one store to another looking for these products. Wenwen Smart Jewelry today has brought a lasting beauty solution to the world of beauty when it announced the publication of a new multi-purpose bracelet. After posting the product on Facebook and Twitter the product has received many comments in its first few hours.

One cannot afford to ignore the thrilling features of the bracelet and the comfort it comes with it. The bracelet is smart in that it is gender neutral, available in all sizes, and different colors. There is a chip attached to the bracelet that makes it a high-tech bracelet.

Once you buy the bracelet, you will receive a gift hamper and shipping is offered for all interested customers. The bracelet is smart in that it is wearable and can help in tracking and notifications whenever one does not have their mobile phone. The jewelry makes a combination of fashion aesthetic and color technology. Though they appear in different colors and sizes, the bracelets serve almost the same functions and have similar features.


The following are the distinctive features of the bracelet:

  • Gold and silver coated
  • All ages represented
  • Attire matching
  • Religion and traditional matches
  • Beaded

Some of the primary functions of these bracelets include:

Sending love letters. One can send a love message to his/her partner, and its reflection is seen in the bracelet. The bracelet can vibrate or flash to convey the arrival of the message. Secret love videos and audios can also be transferred from one partner to the other. On arrival into one’s phone, the message is detected and displayed by the bracelet. Innermost feelings and sweet words can also be expressed and detected by the receiver through a tap on the bracelet. Similarly, partners can count the number of years they have been together by use of an app installed on the phone and modeled to reflect messages through the high-tech bracelet.

Users can also set the jewelry to vibrate or flicker whenever the phone calls. These reminder settings are user-defined about what one wants or where one is at the moment.

Message announcement is also being made on arrival through the bracelet. Irrespective of whether it is the usual SMS, social media notifications or alert messages all of them can be conveyed provided the user designs so.

Whenever one moves to a distance more than ten meters from the personal phone the jewelry alerts user. The range signal is done because the Bluetooth connectivity is designed in that it can make coverage of only 10 meters. The connectivity mostly works for open areas.

The smart jewelry is a form of entertainment in that it can be used to play games through the internet, highlight colorful personality, self-timer moments and enjoyable word exchange between lovers.

The sending of SOS is also enabled. A gem is available on the smart jewelry to allow vibration or flickering whenever an SOS code creation is allowed.

The company’s recent trend in the bracelets is the innovation of high-tech “smart bracelets” that are for both men and women. It specializes in wholesome when it comes to fashion, gender, traditional print, occupation, country’s match and user age.  Online shopping and deliveries are available whenever a customer orders any product.  These products are currently taking a position in the global market.

Below are some images of the jewelry excerpted from the publication of the smart jewelry Inc.

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