Database as a service or DBaaS is the next big thing to help your business grow and stand out. The cloud databases market is growing rapidly and will reach $320 billion by 2025. DBaaS has clear potential and will allow businesses to market faster.

Before we move on, let’s share a few words on DBaaS.

What is Database as a Service

Database as a service for business advantages

Database as a service or DBaaS is a service-based approach for databases. Just like software as a service (SaaS), you can now get database services over the cloud for monthly plans.

Businesses can use cloud database software to manage and access databases without administrative headaches. DBaaS providers take the responsibility of installing, scaling, managing, and maintaining your database. As a result, you are free to focus on improving your offerings and boosting productivity.

How does Database as a Service Work

DBaaS architecture

Database as a service works just like SaaS, says cloud consultant You move your entire database to the cloud and add a service to streamline your daily tasks. Your staff doesn’t need to perform any installation, configuration, or database management. Your provider takes care of all the duties while you remain free to use and control your database as you want.

In exchange, your provider will take a fixed monthly charge.

Benefits of DBaaS

Database as service brings many business advantages to the table. You can enjoy several perks like-

Easy Management

Your job becomes much easier when all administrative tasks are the responsibility of a third-party. There is no need to raise tickets for database requests and perform similar repetitive tasks. Cloud database solutions give you self-service capabilities to ease work and efforts. You can easily perform whatever management tasks left in a simple manner with a click!

Better Collaboration

You can break the departmental silos and consolidate data from varied sources using a cloud computing database. Everything is within easy access without any delay or interruptions. Every member of your team can stay on the same page and enjoy an unrestricted flow of information.

Seamless Scaling

Cloud database services allow businesses to scale up and down without any hassles. You can get additional resources to meet fluctuating demands without buying any extra hardware. The process is also simple, and database as a service providers give you everything you need.

Think of DBaaS next time you need to scale up for the extra orders during the Holidays. You can just pay a bit extra and scale down instantly after the season is over.

Save Costs

A cloud database infrastructure can save you costs in many ways. The biggest savings come in the form of investments you don’t have to make in hardware. You can just pay-as-you-go with affordable monthly subscription plans from leading providers.

Additionally, you don’t need to hire and pay an entire IT team. You save on salaries, bonuses, overheads, and a number of grounds.

Moreover, DBaaS needs no hardware upgrades or maintenance from your end.

Helps You Market Faster

You need to market faster to enjoy a competitive advantage. Traditional database systems meant wasting days just to request access via your IT team. Such delays ultimately affect your bottom line and result in loss of revenues.

Operations through a database in the cloud take seconds and not days. You can develop rapidly and look forward to a faster time to market without exceptions.

Fewer Risks, More Security

Database cloud providers offer enterprise-grade security for your data and even the entire platform. You can take advantage of encryption, access control, and more features to protect your database. Additionally, you can expect timely backups and disaster management services.

Plus, some providers ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. They also provide a guaranteed uptime for assurance and reliability.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

A database cloud service can increase operational efficiency and boost productivity by-

  • Helping you scale as-you-go
  • Optimum use of resources
  • One-click upgrade and patches
  • Eliminating administrative, management, and maintenance tasks

Who Needs Database as a Service

A range of small, medium, and large-scale businesses can benefit from adopting DBaaS. If you have to depend on any back-end database, DBaaS holds a strong potential for your business. It can help you deploy database instances without hassles by using API calls or UI clicks. You don’t even need to worry if the database is Oracle or MySQL.

Businesses that want to eliminate provisioning of hardware or network will also benefit from DBaaS. You can enjoy your database as a private cloud service for foolproof resiliency and security. DBaaS will also be helpful if you want to expedite your operations.

You already know about the advantages that we discussed above. So, you can now make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

Database as a service is a sure way to reduce the hassles of database management. You can also stop investing in costly hardware and get your database as a service for more convenience. Alpacked is your ideal partner for database migration and all DBaaS needs. Contact us today to know more.

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