Which platform is better to start mobile development?

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Constant changes are emerging in the world of technology every day. Smartphones and tablets have emerged as a new platform for developing mobile applications. And, using mobile applications to promote business is one of the most reliable ways nowadays.

Every business, irrespective of its size or nature, wishes to have a mobile app of its own. So that the business can reach customers more easily and increase its outreach to a large number of audience. Here’s a guide to know which platform is better to start mobile development.

The detailed analysis of the leading mobile development platforms are as below:

Visual Studio

Visual Studios another foremost software development platform available in the market at present. It provides services to developers to create web applications and mobile applications.

To further create an exceptional layout of your apps, you can use custom LMS. Visual studio provides full-cycle development from the initial concept until the end. You can create apps of all types here, including gaming apps, health care applications, government apps, retail, and business-related apps.

Android Studio

Android studio is one of the leading mobile app development software that helps in creating mobile apps for all android devices. It is an Android’s official IDE and serves the purpose of accelerating the development of high-quality Android compatible apps.

It is quite easy to use, and beginners also can start developing their apps using Android Studio. But, the developer needs to be familiar with Java project structure, and Android SDK workings. The languages that Android support are C++, Java 7, Java 8, etc.

Appy Pie

Appy pie is an app development software that provides its users with plans starting from as low as $15. Their mobile-friendly app development software specializes in niche-specific app templates like dating apps, restaurant apps, church apps, etc. Their step by step guide on how to build an app is very easy to figure and use. It is simple with “choose design, add features, and publish!” The site has varying subscriptions named Basic, Gold, and Platinum, ranging from $15, $30 to $50 per month.


Verivo AppStudio is one of the best platforms to build apps faster and easier. It has the best list of tools and includes UI configuration, tool, a server for apps, and security tools as well. Verivo also includes other various reporting tool options along with a fast and easy app building service.

Verivo furthermore provides its users with features like code-free visual studio, incorporating JavaScript and HTML5. The Verivo AppStudio has joined another bigger platform for app development named Appery. Its customers enjoy uninterrupted service as the customer also gets access to other related services such as automation for user authentication, data synchronization, integrations, and deployment.


Mobincub is a very basic mobile app development platform. It offers the right kind of features that the developers require to build a successful application. All the essential requirements that are needed for developing an app such as, visual development interface, drag, and drop, templates and customization, etc. are all provided at a single click by Mobincub.

A feature that sets Mobincub apart from all other mobile app development platforms is its monetization ability through Admob service. You get its basic version for 3 euros/month to 100 euros/month for premium services.

Zoho creator

Zoho creator is an excellent platform to create apps for the android system, iOs devices. It has an easy drag and drop interface and allows the users to create more than 50 mobile apps using the interface. Zoho creator also has integration with the complete ecosystem of Zoho. It let the users manage all the tools related to their business in one place. This platform enables the developers to customize their UI for web, mobile, and tablet applications.

Build Fire

Build Fire is a very commonly known platform for building mobile-based apps. It can be used for both, building custom apps and business-related apps. Build Fire has a unique click and navigate feature. This feature of Build Fire eliminates the requirement of coding for developing a new app.

It has almost all the basic tools and features that are mandatory for creating a sound mobile application. The pricing of Build Fire starts from $59/month for the basic plan and $149/month for the advanced features and business plan. This platform or software is very well usable for building business-related apps for small and medium-sized retailers.

So, the above-mentioned programs are the leading ones. There are other numerous app developing softwares available and you can choose one according to your budget and business requirements.

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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