Yes, yes, we have all heard it a million times and anyone with half a brain is well aware of the need to protect your laptop by having a reliable antivirus installed. The truth is, as technology is getting smarter, and so are the bad guys who are trying to spread malicious viruses and hack personal data.

In the last 12 months alone it was stated that over 900 million users could be at risk – and that is just on Android devices! It goes without saying we store so much personal information on our devices, from bank details to copies of identity documents, ultimately antivirus is to stop our details getting in the hands of the wrong people. Make sure you know how to block your information remotely should your device or computer fall under the eyes of someone else- a reliable antivirus can protect against unauthorized access to your confidential data, as well as on memory cards.

But it is not as simple as just googling antivirus and downloading the first one that pops up as some sneaky hackers have created FAKE antivirus programs that contain malicious codes just waiting for you to install. More so than many other products, finding a reputable, thorough, and safe antivirus provider is paramount and the best way to do this is by reading reviews on top-quality sites such as


A strong antivirus can protect against harmful downloads, and that doesn’t just mean the latest movie that you want to see. Opening any file, or email attachment could potentially threaten your device. If that file is infected the antivirus will recognize it instantly and destroy the intruder.

Making the most of battery life

Did you know that a great antivirus can also help you manage and maximize your devices battery life? An antivirus will enable to you to take note of the consumption and space your apps are occupying on your device.  They can help you to take control and block apps that are not necessary to enable your device to work more efficiently.

Don’t just assume you only protect laptops and desktops

Unfortunately, the rise in malicious viruses has also spread to handheld devices. Hackers are increasingly interested at getting to your tablet and smartphone but thankfully there are many efficient apps on the market to protect your phone e.g. some apps enable you to block your phone remotely, and lock the device. Games are frequently a common means of acquiring a nasty virus. A solid antivirus will perform frequent checks on your devices, not just the imminent downloads.

Keeping the little ones’ safe

The weird and wonderful worldwide wide web is no place for children without anything to block them from harmful images. A purely innocent google search can throw up a whole manner of inappropriate material and an infected computer can receive explicit popups and adverts, not suitable for younger eyes. Innocent websites can also be disguised, and in fact bear x-rated material.  In the world we live in, be sure to pay attention to internet safety for children. An efficient antivirus software helps keep the younger members of your family safe online.

Illegal activity

Many hackers try and obtain the IP address of the victim, to perform illegal operations, not just stealing identities. The pro’s most certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to securing your devices. Prevention is always better than cure. Is a costly laptop repair, loss of personal data and the inconvenience while you don’t have it, really worth the risk.

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