We already know that Google has long dominated the Internet world, and with its Android platform, the Internet giant is also determining the spread and access websites through smartphones that are so far dominated by the Android operating system. This article will highlight the importance of some things that affect Android demographic. These things will determine whether a site will be responsive or not. Since Android is connected to Google, then you can use Google Analytics to make your site look responsive in the eyes of Android smartphone users.

For example, you can set an isolation limit on some traffic types according to what has been reported by your Google Analytics. You can view reporting data that is specific to a particular area, for example if you live in the UK then you can view reporting data that is specific to the UK area only. As such, all your actions in optimizing your site or anything done by a best website builder, can run more effectively and purposefully. Advanced segments are what are offered by Google Analytics and by reading this short article, you’ll know the outline, how it works and how it responses.

You need to see all standard reports from Google Analytics that have been organized based on certain criteria (one of which is location). You can add several other segments, such as demographics, behavior, technology, traffic sources, and visit dates. All these aspects will be organized with some special links.

To use the advanced segment, you need to click the down-dance arrow. And this arrow is located next to the default view of All Visits. By doing this you will enable the Advanced Segment screen. The default view will show all the existing advanced segments and they can all be customized to your liking.

Demographics are all about age, sex, language, location, and so on. When you set up demographic elements in Advanced Segments, you mean that you’ve made your site more efficient or in short, more visible to everyone on the demographics you want. This is what you have to keep in mind that a site’s optimization can be set from the beginning by setting the demographic side. Since you are dependent on Google as a search engine it is highly recommended that you put your focus early on the system provided by Google Analytics. We hope you can benefit by reading this article. Good luck!

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