Scheduling your employee management is one of the tedious tasks an organization is expected to take. And one of the important ones as well. That is exactly what makes it essential to opt for special software tools that would help you schedule your Employees in an effective way. Ximble Employee Scheduling App for Android is a good example in that direction. Let us understand the tool in a finer detail in this article.

Ximble has been one of the powerful names when it comes to time tracking and employee scheduling tools are concerned. It has apps for Android and iOS platforms that should help you create and maintain the schedules that should work seamlessly.

Gone are the days when you used to depend upon the excel sheets and spreadsheets for employee scheduling. What makes it even interesting is the fact that you can opt for the trial version before taking a final decision. The trial version lasts 30 days and that should give you a fair idea of whether it suits your requirements.

What Makes it So Unique?

Well, Android work schedule app comes with a few specific features that would make it an indispensable option for your requirements in employee scheduling. Here are some of the features that are worth mentioning.

It works best with other tools –Ximble can work well with other software tools, thus making it one of the best tools in its genre. You can integrate it with a number of tools to improve its efficiency. BambooHR, QuickBooks, and EPSON are some of the tools that work seamlessly with Ximble.

The Best of Mobility –Smartphone apps are meant to be the front-runners in making the day to day tasks truly mobile. Ximble Employee Scheduling app for Android (or iPhone) is a true example of this high-end mobility. Build Schedules, review them, or perform any other tasks on the move. It can also send you alerts on any changes comes into force.

Shifts Creation Made Easy – Make use of the power of your mobileto create and assign shifts with ease. You should be able to create shifts across any location on the fly.

Time Tracking Module – Use your smartphone to assess the labor costs and avoid the time theft that can be resorted to by some employees. Control their clock in and clock out times with ease. Monitoring the activities of your employees is made easy with Ximble tools.

Schedule Overviews –Get a clear overview of the periodical schedules with ease. The app lets you have a well-defined overview of daily, weekly and monthly employee schedules on the move. You can customise all the details to suit your business requirements.

XimbleChat Integration – Ximble Scheduling Software is well integrated with XimbleChat – the award-winning communication tool from Ximble. Stay in touch with your employees and the team with XimbleChat. Never miss out on any important communication.

The Pricing

Ximble Employee Scheduling Software is a paid tool. However, we would has to add that it is in no way a costly affair. In fact, in comparison to the other traditional options used for Employee Scheduling, we would consider Ximble to be one of the most economical alternatives.

You have two options to choose from. Both of the plans are quite economical in their own right.


The Plan is priced at $ 1 per user per month. You will be billed for $ 1.10 per month including taxes. The plan can be the best one for you if you have only one location to schedule. However, XimbleChat is not part of this package.


The plan comes with a pricing of $2 per month, per user. It differs from the Core plan with its integration with XimbleChat. The plan also has unlimited location support.
If you opt for schedule and time tracking tools, Core plan will be available at $ 2 per month per user, while the Advanced plan is priced at $ 3 per month per user.  As we stated before, you have a month-long trial period if you want to test it out.

In A Nutshell

The headache of employee scheduling is made easy with Ximble Employee Scheduling App for smartphones. Whether you are on Android or iPhone, it should be your perfect companion that takes your work wherever you go.

Never miss out on the important alerts and stay in touch with your team on the move. Use it for your business and share your experiences with us.

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