3G Watchdog Keeps an Eye on Your Data Usage

In the age of data caps and throttled speeds, Android users are forced to keep an eye on their data usage any way they can.  I’ve found a pair of great apps to help me in 3G Watchdog and its premium version, 3G Watchdog Pro ($3.25 US).   The basic concept of 3G Watchdog is to tell how much data you have used. I love it because it gives very accurate readings and, in the premium version, it can tell you data usage by application (Android 2.2+) to see what apps are using the most data.

The app is very useful for Android users with data caps and users who want to keep an eye on their data like myself even though I’m on an unlimited data plan from O2. Another cool feature of  3G Watchdog is that if you reach x% (x is a customizable number) it will automatically disable 3G and will only re-enable when your percentage goes back down to 0% when your data renews at the end of the month. (This feature requires the installation of APNdroid or JuiceDefender).

Some of you readers may be finding that your carrier throttles your speeds around halfway through the month.  I’d recommend the Pro version for you so that you’re able to pin down what it is that is eating your data up.  Unless of course, you already know it’s because you’re constantly streaming movies.

NOTE : 3G Watchdog isn’t always 100% accurate but, it has consistently been within 5MB for me.  I’ll take that every month.



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