1byone’s foldable keyboard is a grand little device. With portability in mind, the keyboard connects to a wide variety of devices including most Android, iOS and Windows devices. In fact, the keyboard has three dedicated modes for these three popular operating systems.


The keyboard is really simple to set up. By unfolding the keyboard, the keyboard will automatically turn on.

Once the keyboard is on, you just have to hit Fn + c to enter pairing mode. You will know that you have successfully entered pairing mode when the left light on the top of the keyboard flashes blue.

After you enter pairing mode, you just have to enter the Bluetooth menu on the device you want to pair and complete the pairing by selecting the 1byone keyboard.


The keyboard has buttons that allow the user to switch between three modes, Android, Windows and iOS.

These modes provide functionality specific to these systems. For an example, the Android mode gives you a home button and media controls via the ‘Fn’ key.

The same key combinations would provide function keys when you are in the Windows mode.

Usability (Typing)

The keyboard layout is smaller than a standard keyboard. This was most likely in an attempt to keep the keyboard as small and portable as possible.

The result is a compact keyboard with slightly unnatural feeling keys. I often find myself hitting the wrong key or hitting the up arrow instead of the right shift button.

While this does cause some frustration, it is a lot better than trying to type a lot in one sitting with an on-screen keyboard.

Ignoring the smaller keyboard size, the keyboard has a nice feeling when typing. The keyboard reminds me of the keyboard on the HP Chromebook 11, one of my favorite keyboards on a laptop.

There is a bit of a learning curve as you get used to the condensed layout, but the keys are nice and responsive and have a lovely sound to go along with they typing.


The small form factor and the ability to fold the keyboard um into a third of its full size allows for unparalleled portability.

The folded up size of the keyboard allows you to just slip it into a backpack or any other bag. There really are no limitations to where you can take this keyboard.

The small size makes it perfect for times when you just want to grab a tablet and keyboard without having to lug around a full sized laptop.

You don’t even have to grab a tablet. It works great for typing up something on a phone/phablet if the need arises.

Build Quality

They keyboard is very well built. The folding feature is really nice, but I was afraid that it would result in a flimsy keyboard that wouldn’t be able to withstand the demands of portability.

The two hinges that allow the keyboard to fold up are sturdier than I expected.

While they are made out of plastic (just like the rest of the keyboard), the hinges don’t leave anything to be desired. Except for the fact that they squeak and creak quite a bit.

The entire rest of the keyboard feels nice and strong. It is a gadget that I wouldn’t mind throwing into a bag and dragging around town for those cases when I just need a physical keyboard.

Wrap Up

The 1byone Bluetooth keyboard is a great little device for on the go typing. For those who prefer tablets over laptops, this keyboard would be a great typing solution for you.

The keyboard offers great portability and works really well. It is great for me because I can now just throw it into my bag without worrying about damaging it and use it with my tablet to get work done on the go.

If you are looking for a way to be more productive on the go, this keyboard is a great way to do it by pairing it to your tablet. Boom, instant workstation on the run!

For under $40 on Amazon, I would go ahead and give this guy a go if you are in the market for a similar type product!

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