The 808 Hex Light Bluetooth speaker is equipped with all the right tools to ensure that you are the life of the party. The combination of six color light modes and an EQ bass booster bring all the elements of a rave-like atmosphere in a compact package.


  • Price: $79.99
  • Size: 3.55″ wide x 6.3″ tall x 3.55″ deep
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Color: Black

The speaker is a conical shape design that starts off narrow at the top and gets wider towards the bottom. The foundation is made of metal that has a hexagonal grill. The top of the speaker is where all of the controls lie. There are buttons to increase and decrease volume, the power button, change light modes, hands-free calling, and the EQ bass booster. Pairing the speaker requires long-pressing the power button.



The compact speaker packs a pretty mean punch in the volume department. It can get pretty loud before the sound starts to distort. When the volume gets too high, the music starts to sound crackly.

The Hex Light speaker has an EQ mode, which is basically a bass booster. The combination of the EQ mode and the bass radiator provides a significant boost in the bass, while dialing back the mid-range. I could physically feel the table vibrating when the EQ mode was on. This is a good option for those that like bass-heavy genres, such as hip-hop. I personally felt that the bass slightly overpowered the vocals in certain songs and turned the EQ mode off. I noticed that navigating to new songs will chop off the first couple seconds of the song.


The highlight of this speaker is definitely the lights. The color options include everything in the rainbow spectrum. There are six light modes: Solid, Pulse, Breathe, Chase, Chill and Rave. My favorite option was Breathe and Rave.


The Breathe option slowly lights up in rotating colors, while the Rave option lights up to the beat of the song. You can also turn this option off if the lights start to get annoying.


I found myself using this a lot around the house. This speaker claims to have an eight hour battery life.  I only used it for 4-5 hours before I put in back on the charger. I personally do not like to let my electronics die. I used it at around 60-70% max volume with the light mode turned on. The battery life may decrease if used at a higher volume. However, the speaker will probably not be used at such high volumes anyways due to the distortion of sound. It was the perfect device to listen to music while playing Settlers of Catan. Pairing the speaker to my phone was relatively pain-free. However, the speaker makes a somewhat obnoxious sound when it is turned on and off.

There is a hands-free calling option on the speaker which allows you to take calls. I called my friend using this feature and he said he could hear me clearly without any distortion. It is a convenient feature that doesn’t force you to disconnect.

I really liked the sturdiness of the speaker. The main frame is made of metal with a unique hexagonal grill.


I feel comfortable taking this outside and not worrying about it breaking if it does fall on the ground. The speaker is not waterproof, so use it next to a pool with caution.


The Hex Light Bluetooth Speaker offers a bass-focused music experience. The single-driver packs a pretty mean punch in the volume department. At $79.99 on Amazon with free shipping, this speaker is a bit pricey compared to the other options available at 808 Audio. However, it offers a unique light-show experience that kids will love. If you are a hardcore music lover this is probably not the speaker for you. This speaker is designed for the younger age group that focuses more on entertainment rather than sound quality.

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