Having the ability to bring presentations with you on your smartphone, USB flash drive, or other media device is useless if you don’t have the ability to share it with a group. Portable projectors are taking hold and replacing the need for paper presentations as well as presentations from a laptop display. The AAXA Technologies P700 HD Micro Projector is a tool that every business professional should consider adding to their briefcase/laptop bag. It is a portable, compact, well-built, battery-powered and easy to use.

It’s so good, it can even be used for home entertainment as well.


The AAXA P700 projector is an LED(light-emitting diode) projector which is different from your traditional projectors as they use different lighting technology to display the image or video. LED lamps have better electrical efficiency and longer lifespan than their LCD and DLP projector counterparts. What this means in real world usage is you can make the size of the projector smaller and you can make it portable which is perfect for business purposes.

aaxa led lamp

Measuring in at 6.9″x3.9″x1.6″ the AAXA P700 is much smaller than the hardback copy of Built to Last by Jim Collins, who also authored the famous book Good to GreatThere is a high chance that if you’re a business professional, you’ve probably read or at least heard of one of those books before. If you have carried one in your laptop bag, briefcase, suitcase, etc. before, you should have no problems dropping the AAXA P700 in your bag as well. It only weighs 1.37 pounds which is lighter than some portable batteries used for charging mobile phones and tablets.

The external design of the AAXA P700 looks the part as its external body is made of glossy plastic – white on the lower half with a black top. It is tuxedo like giving it a very elegant look. On the sides are a manual focusing wheel, on/off switch, HDMI input, TF-card input, headphone out port and the power input slot. In the front is obviously the output lens projector, and around back has slots for VGA, AV and a full size USB input. On the top are built-in controls for navigating on-screen(remote control is included too). On the bottom is an input for attaching the AAXA P700 to a tripod to make it easier to display your images or videos if you need height.

Overall the design is elegant, compact, lightweight and portable.


I have access to quite a few meeting rooms inside of the building at the company I work at. We either use projectors(bulbs) or LCD televisions. LCD displays are limited in size and are difficult to mount. They typically only work for our small group meetings. Our projectors on the other hand are a couple of years old and required professional ceiling mounts. They also need their bulbs switched out on a regular basis which is not an easy task. They either burn out completely or lose brightness over time making it hard to see. The old style projectors are very loud because of the built-in fans to keep the bulbs and circuitry from overheating. Five or ten years ago, these projectors were fantastic, but after using the AAXA P700 I will be recommending we swap our projectors out.

The AAXA P700 really shines. Not only is it easy to bring into work with me to test, but it is also very bright. Brightness is one of the most important factors when presenting information – if your viewers cannot see what you are presenting they will disengage. The AAXA P700 is very clear making it super easy to see from the back of the room. The other benefit of being small is that the built-in fan is quiet and doesn’t require much on my part to speak over it.

Lighting at 50% in the meeting room. Still a very bright image.

I found the remote AAXA provided to be very responsive and simple. This is also important because you don’t want to be fiddling around with a remote control when you’re preparing a presentation. I connected a laptop to it using an HDMI cable as well as an external USB port. In my experience, these two ports are the most commonly used by sales reps and business professionals when giving presentations. Just like using a standard TV, all you need to do is select the proper input and it will display the image from your laptop or whatever device is connected via HDMI.

For my external USB drive, the AAXA P700 could read standard files such as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AVI, BMP, JPG, GIF and TXT. I tested out most of these files types and they all loaded and displayed with ease.


For business purposes, there are no flaws with the AAXA P700. It even has 70 minutes worth of battery power which is long enough for the typical 30-60 minute presentation.

Knowing that the projector could handle HDMI, I connected my Chromecast to it. I streamed videos in my bedroom when I took it home. The AAXA P700 has a built-in speaker which is loud enough for a quiet room, but if you want real entertainment quality sound don’t expect much. The volume is loud but lacks depth and bass. When I was watching a video, I simply connected external speakers via the headphone out port to improve sound quality. The sound output was very clear and entertaining with external speakers.

But the most important part, the display output, was absolutely incredible. I projected the video at my white colored bedroom wall, and the image was so clear I thought I could use this as a entertainment device for my bedroom if I wanted. It’s smaller than a wall-mounted TV and can be moved to any other room at anytime. I even threw up a video for cat – my cat was instantly entertained. She was trying to interact with the birds on the wall. She and I could not get enough of the AAXA P700.

The image was so clear even my cat was entertained by the bird.


aaxa main features


 Max Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080P)
 Native Resolution: 1280×800 (WXGA)
 Brightness (DC): 650 LED Lumens
 Brightness (Battery): 350 LED Lumens
 Contrast Ratio: 2000:01:00
 Projection Lens: Manual Focus
 Projection Image: Available Size 10 ~ 150 inch
 Lamp: Triple RGB LEDs with Vibrant Color Technology
Life 15,000hrs
 Projection Offset: 100%


Audio Output: 1W (x2) Stereo Speakers
Stereo speaker/headphone mini-jack
 Color: White/Black
 File Playback: MicroSD& USB Host reader
 Menu Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese
 Aspect Ratio Control: 16:09
 Battery Life: 70 Minute Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (Removable)
 Dimensions: 6.9″ X 3.9″ X 1.6″
 Weight: 1.37 lbs
 Power Consumption: 45 Watts
 Supported Formats: MP3 / WMA / OGG / WAV / AVI


The AAXA Technologies P700 HD Micro Projector is a rock star for business use and can easily be adapted for home use as well. All around it is a fantastic option for its affordable price, compact size, litany of features and gives a very bright and clear display output. It isn’t bigger than a typical business book and should fit nicely in your work bag. You can display up to 150″ giving a fun view for movies,pictures, games and most importantly presentations.  You can learn more at AAXA Technologies or make a purchase from Amazon.com. I just showed it to the head of I.T. at my company and he ordered one for use on business trips.



Image with lights off.
Same image as above but with lights off.



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