jabra_bt3010Bluetooth headsets tend to come in three varieties.  Budget, mid-level, and deluxe or “high end”.  The Jabra BT3010 sits firmly in the budget category.  As the successor to the Jabra BT160 the 3010 brings back the interchangeable face plates.  Once again there are 33 to choose from along with the option to design your own by visiting Jabra’s website.

The BT3010 has also undergone a few cosmetic changes as well.  It is a little more rounded near the microphone giving it a more modern look, and the volume buttons are now on the face of the unit instead of on the top.  This should make accessing them a little easier, unless you have large “man hands”.   The familiar ear hook returns, but it doesn’t seem to be as flexible as the one for the BT160.

In this price range compromises are usually made and the Jabra BT3010 is no exception.  You won’t find noise canceling technology here, it doesn’t ship with multiple ear hooks or ear buds, and over extended periods of wear it begins to aggravate your ear.  Unless of course your ear was used as the mold for the ear piece itself you will find the fit adequate, but lacking the comfort of higher end models.  Sound quality was decent, and among the best I’ve used in this price range.  It performed best in quiet or enclosed areas such as a car or an office.  While in larger open areas such as a mall or a vehicle with the windows down, there were complaints on the other end of background noise and difficulty hearing me.

jabra_bt3010_02Talk time or “run time” as Jabra refers to it is rated at 8 hours, and standby time is rated at 300 hours.  I’ve never cared for the standby rating because it can be a bit misleading.  Does it really matter if the standby time is 300 hours if the unit dies after a minute of use when I go to use it on the 299th hour?  At any rate I was able to get close to the 8 hours of advertised talk time on a single charge, but keep in mind that your own performance may vary based on the distance your earpiece is from your handset, as well as other factors.

The Jabra BT3010 is easy to recommend in this price range because it separates itself from the pack by giving you the option to customize its appearance.  All things being equal as far specifications, price, and performance go with the BT3010.

You can pick the Jabra BT3010 up for $24.95 directly from our store!

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