Aerb Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Touchpad + IR Blaster Review

The Aerb Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Trackpad (Model Number: IBK-02) is a multi-OS capable mini Bluetooth Keyboard.


At first glance, this device looks to be the product you wished most external wireless keyboards would be, but never were lucky enough to find. This accessory has mini chiclet styled keys that are beautiful to look at, and easy to use.


I tested this device successfully on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (running stock Android 4.1.2 and 4.3 update), my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ (running PAC ROM – Android 4.3), and a Windows 7 desktop. While using this keyboard on Android, you’ll quickly find very small details that you wish were a bit different. I will mention that I have large, long, and thin fingers, so while typing on this keyboard is not an issue, I feel like I giant using a mini keyboard, which sounds just about right. All of the buttons work as intended to, provided they are compatible with your OS, (with OS setup – as mentioned in the provided user guide.) Thankfully the keyboard charges over a standard microUSB cable (included). The keyboard provides a standard home, back, and search button. Through my testing, I haven’t been able to find a combination of keys for use of the menu button, however I will note that most applications feature action bars within their UI (User Interface) which take the place of the menu keys, which are clickable with the trackpad.

This keyboard is about the length of a loaf of bread, and the width of a large palm. It’s large enough to use as you would a desktop keyboard as opposed to a handheld keyboard. I have had no connection issues, the keyboard has stayed connected to my devices at all all times, however they trackpad can semi-disconnect once in a while, where you simply click the left button to reactivate, however this issue effects most Android devices no matter the bluetooth trackpad or mouse.



Surprising Features: Built in Stand, IR Blaster Capability & More

The Aerb Mini Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Trackpad has a built-in IR Blaster for remote control of various devices such as televisions, in my time with the unit, the IR Blaster has been a bit tricky, but useful. The thin, tough, but difficult to remove semi-reversible device stand featured on the reverse of the keyboard holds most cellphones without issue. Certain larger screened devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and larger will be held by this stand, but viewing angles may be a bit blocked, depending on the size of your bezel on your device. My device was held using a FlyGrip Gravity Smartphone & Tablet Kickstand.

Battery Life

Battery life has been impressive on this Bluetooth keyboard, albeit the 250mah battery. With moderate to heavy usage, this keyboard lasts about 10-15 hours (constant usage from my experience) and up to 35 days (according to the manufacturer) without charge. When a recharge is needed, simply use the provided microUSB cable. There is no need for expensive and annoying replaceable batteries whatsoever.


This is an amazing mini Bluetooth Keyboard that will without a doubt enhance your typing experiences, but can be considered small, yet includes what you need the most. This keyboard is also great for those who want to control their devices connected to your TV from your couch.

Aerb_logoThe few cons that I’ve noticed are purely cosmetic and extremely minor. The things that I wish could be improved upon are the small backspace and enter key, which you can pretty easily get used to. There was a very short period of time where I would completely miss the backspace button and click the “lock device/device power key” button until I got used to it. It is also quite difficult to remove the device stand, however this is to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally fall out of place! The only flaw that you really will keep in mind is that this keyboard doesn’t hold well on your lap without a flat surface, however you’ll be able use the keyboard with your hands.

This article was actually typed using this Bluetooth keyboard, aside from minor editing.

When using this keyboard with Android, iOS, & Windows, you are quick to notice that setup is very fast!

This product can be purchased through for $29.99; learn more at Aerb’s Store.

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