The Aerb Bluetooth Music & Speaking Mouse (Model Number: IBT-04) is a super-cool Bluetooth Speaking Mouse. Yep, it plays music, lets you make phone calls, and more with its built in microphone and speaker.

At first glance

The Aerb Bluetooth Speaking Mouse looks like a slightly larger version of your ordinary mouse. It features a smooth rubberized finish with a great design. We were lucky enough to review this item in the Black/Orange color option.

Functionality and usage

This mouse features Bluetooth HID and A2DP Technologies which means you’ll not just make and receive phone calls, but also to play music. This mouse features all you would need in a regular mouse and normal Bluetooth speaker. You can use this mouse speaker combo with two devices at once – you can have your wireless mouse connected to your Bluetooth capable computer, as mouse input and your speaker connected to your cell phone for calls and music. The DPI feature is great for use on PC’s.

Surprising features

It talks to you! When you turn on and off the Bluetooth speaker part of the device, it’ll speak to you! It provides audio confirmation that the speaker/microphone part of your device is on/off and successfully paired.  The Mouse and Speaker are all a part of one unit, but function almost separately. The speaker part of the device is turned on with the switch on the bottom and the mouse is turned on with the other switch on the bottom of the device. The Mouse is forced into pair mode by pressing and holding the scroll wheel and the right click button simultaneously. The speaker is forced into pair mode by pressing and holding the call button on the side of the device.


Battery life

Battery life for this type of device is great, we’re able to sustain about 3-4 hours of constant usage, before needing to charge the battery. This product charges via the ever convenient microUSB cable!

Sound and microphone quality

Sound quality: Sound quality is good. Audio output can sound muffled at times. This isn’t your top of the line super Crystal Clear HD SuperTalk Bluetooth speaker with microphone capabilities. Does it work well? Yes, you can hear all of your music and phone calls clearly. Callers can hear me clearly and I can hear them. Note that when I say clearly, the audio quality is about telephone quality, so it’s not bad by any means, but you won’t go jumping up and down because you can hear the violin or guitar so clearly in your music. This is to be expected with these types of devices. You would never call the audio quality bad or horrible, but not over the top, it hits that fine line in the middle.


If you’re in the market for a wireless mouse and find the Bluetooth speaker idea really neat, this is the device for you!

You can find the Aerb Speaking Bluetooth Mouse and more info at Aerb’ Store. Available in Black/Black, Black/Orange, Black/Green, Black/Red, and Black/Purple.

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