alxum charge station

More devices in homes means more batteries that need charging. More charging means more power ports being taken up which can make it difficult for smartphone and tablet users to find a reliable spot to power up when needed. Thankfully manufacturers now offer solutions to charge multiple devices at a time while only using one power plug off the wall. Alxum has jumped into the fray to offer a 96W power “station” to charge up to ten devices at a time with a UL certified 10 port charger.

Unpacking Versatility

Upon opening the package for the Alxum charging station you’ll find the base charging unit, a 12V/8000mA power brick, 11 plastic dividers, 22 divider labels and a welcome packet as well as a mini user guide. All components feel well designed and manufactured to an acceptable level. I was initially surprised at how light the main charging base was, but discovered no issues with the base slipping or shifting around once it was plugged in and on my desk. The divider fins, while fairly thin, feel strong enough to hold even a large sized tablet with no issues. I chose not to use the divider labels, as it’s very easy to see each device independently as it sits and charges in between the divider fins. Overall, Alxum did a fine job of packaging together a capable and easy to use charging unit.

Impressive Impression

Upon first glance at the Alxum 96W Power Station you may think the device is some other type of component–yet overall the look is formal and fitting enough to blend into a desk, office shelf or entertainment stand. Seeing all 10 ports available and ready for action is a little overwhelming at first, but I was glad to see Alxum kept them all in front, where they’re most accessible. The protruding fins on top can be adjusted to fit a multitude of devices and offer a unique look depending on what’s being charged. Likewise, Alxum has decided to create a slotted radiator design atop the device in order to help dissipate heat, and while I applaud the choice, it’s not necessarily sleek nor modern looking. Unfortunately, this specific charger is only available in white as of now but I would have loved to see a second or third color option available such as black or silver.

alxum 10 96w 2.1 charger
Make sure you keep Q-tips handy, as those slots on top may collect dust over time

Bells and Whistles

The Alxum 96W 10 port charging station features full 2.1 amp charging in all 10 ports, at the same time. This is quite impressive for such a small charging slate. I would have loved to see some type of cable management built in but don’t fault Alxum for not integrating one here. The only indicator light on the entire charging base is a power light on the front right of the unit. Individual charging lights for each port may have been beneficial here but could have added to the overall cost of the charger.

Practical Applications

I found that charging multiple devices at the same time caused no issues–not even the slightest heat concern. While users will most likely not be charging more than two or three devices at any time, it’s great to have the option. I found myself searching around the house looking for electronics to charge, just so I could use this charging base. This flexibility was wonderful and I’d imagine that if I was in a small office or business that dealt with a variety of rechargeable electronics, this unit would come in very handy.

Effective Power

Alxum delivers a solid and adaptable, smart charging station at a reasonable price with enough ports to recharge an entire family of devices quickly and safely. It’s evident that Alxum considered many factors when designing this charging station to be a space saver and overall powerhouse. While it’s easy to find charging solutions in almost any store today, few will offer this much versatility and power, perfect for a family or small business.

I was able to charge a Galaxy Tab S, an iPad, a Switch, a Sony Ultra, a battery pack, a few iPhones and an S7 edge… all at the same time!

Alxum is not a household name–at least not as of yet, but I was severely impressed with the capability and build quality of this charging station. With the number of rechargeable devices ever-increasing in households across the world, it makes sense to have a single station to charge all devices. I found that the Alxum 96W power station worked great for charging devices that I didn’t use every day, however it was difficult to use as a charger for my daily driver as I never really wanted to set my phone into the slot and just leave it.

With all things considered, Alxum has delivered a wonderful piece of hardware that has a unique case for use that could benefit families, businesses and multi-user offices. I can recommend this as a perfect solution for anyone that wishes to charge one to ten devices at any given time.  This charger perfectly accomplishes what it has set out to do by offering a quick and safe way to charge a multitude of devices.

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